Ways to conduct safe In-Contact Meetings during COVID-19!

Ways to conduct safe In-Contact Meetings during COVID-19!

By Ritika Bhagat

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Ways to conduct safe In-Contact Meetings during COVID-19!

Mon, Jan 11, 2021

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After the Covid-19, the offices are reopened now. Now we know more about the virus, so we can reduce the transmission of the virus in the workplaces. Before the pandemic, we encouraged the employees to avoid the in-person meetings and organizations preferred remote meetings.

But the remote meetings can’t fully replace all the benefits of live contact. So this time we will go to New normal.

“We can do in-contact meetings in the COVID-19 Era with the using safety protocols."

Let’s discuss it…

Here are some tips to do In-contact meetings safely:-

# Follow the social distancing and Wear Masks-

  • Social distancing and wearing masks are the safest ways to prevent corona-virus transmission for people to stay apart and cover their faces with well-fitting masks.

  • If you are in an in-contact meeting, try to keep 6 feet of space between yourself and others at all times, and wear a mask.

  • Masks are very important in times when physical distancing is difficult.

  • These are the well-aware ways to prevent coronavirus transmission for people to stay apart and encourage them to cover their faces with well-fitting masks.

# Use the safety protocols-

  • Encourage your visitors to bring their own alcohol-based hand-rubbing sanitizer.

  • Prefer the meeting in an open space environment like terrace, garden, open common areas.

  • During the meeting, prevent the face to face positioning and avoiding handshaking, hugs, and general skin-to-skin contact.

  • People attending the meeting must wash their hands thoroughly and wear face masks before entering the room or area.

  • Wash your hands after touching shared surfaces, trying not to touch your face, and disinfecting shared surfaces.

  • Disinfect the surfaces after using them.


# Screening of visitors at entrance -

  • For the In-contact meetings, visitors have to screen at the entrance of the workplace for related disease symptoms based on questionnaire.

  • If any visitor is infected then he will not be permitted to attend the meeting in the office while exhibiting Coronavirus symptoms.

  • The screening of the visitors and employees allows you to use the Contactless Visitor Check-in system.

  • With the Touchless visitor management system you can prepare your office to avoid COVID-19-related restrictions at your office.


With these all ways organizations can conduct the safe in-contact meetings. As we follow more the Covid-19 restriction protocols then we can stay safe more. With the protocols and safety rules, you should install the Touchless check-in system at the entrance to screen and manage the visitors. If you want to learn more about reducing  the spread of coronavirus in the workplace, please visit  **COVID-19 Resource Center**for Visitor Management.