Vizitor 2.0 is Live!

Vizitor 2.0 is Live!

By Ritika Bhagat

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Vizitor 2.0 is Live!

Fri, Oct 14, 2022

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Some History!

Hi, I am Gaurav, Founder & CEO of Vizitor. We started Vizitor in 2019 and till date our journey has been of multiple ups and downs. During our early days we got great traction on the product and we even got selected for YC Startup School, 2019.

In early 2020 we got a setback due to COVID, as a lot of our customers closed their offline offices and our subscriptions got churned and this led to huge downfall in revenues. Somehow we were able to survive in multiple waves of COVID and all thanks to our team who stuck together and were still able to build the product for the future and meantime work on the bugs and multiple enhancements on the platform.

Although during COVID and even post-pandemic, effectively managing and monitoring the visitors has become a priority for businesses globally. The pandemic has meant that all organizations now need to rethink the secure processes they had previously put in place for all personnel entering and exiting each facility, not just their visitors. With the impact of the pandemic on global organizations, companies no longer have an option and have to adopt digitalisation. It has become a necessity and an essential tool for safer workplaces.

We just launched an upgraded version of Vizitor, which we internally call it Vizitor 2.0 Enterprise is the latest version of our leading global visitor management solution. With new enhanced upgrades, all new design experience, and continuous user improvements.

Strengthen your Workplace Security with Vizitor!

Digital Solution!

Implementing a secure digital solution to your office is no longer an option, but a necessity as the world continues to safely navigate the changing landscape of workplace security and return to work safely. A digital solution is the only solution to now effectively manage visitors, contractors - or anyone entering a facility.

Safety first!

Safety is now paramount when entering and exiting any workplace facility, globally. Organizations need to be more cautious and must take care of all members of staff and personnel to ensure a safe and secure working environment going forward as we continue to navigate through this pandemic.

A revolution of a visitor management system!

1 Our visitor management solution has always been market and user-led, working with our long-term clients to ensure a solution that is constantly evolving and meeting the demands of our users.

2 With the Vizitor-digital visitor management solution, your organization can ensure the protection and safety of your colleagues, contractors and visitors arriving at your facility.

3 Just some of the original features of Vizitor-Digital Visitor Management solution include Pre-Registrations and Group Visit Management, Touchless check-ins, a Detailed Reporting Suite, Visitors log records, Employees management, plus much more!

Introducing the latest Version of Vizitor for Global Enterprise!

In the second version of vizitor for the Global Enterprise, we have enhanced our visitor management solution to cater to the current state of the workplace, all around the world. Since the beginning of 2020, visitor management has become a necessity more now than ever before. Every workplace that holds the responsibility of keeping their workplace safe and secure requires a solution to effectively monitor who is coming in and out of a facility with accurate, real-time and reliable information.

Why Vizitor 2.0!

Most importantly, visitor management is no longer traditionally just for third-party guests arriving at your site either. Our Vizitor 2.0 is a solution that can not only monitor your visitors coming on-site across multiple locations but contractors, VIP, groups and also employees.

The Vizitor 2.0 upgrade is broken up into 3 categories; a pandemic-proof and completely contactless check-in experience for users, new friendly interfaces, and enhanced visitor dashboard and overall feature-set.

Enhanced feature-sets and general improvements to the visitor dashboard for users:

1 Vizitor is constantly working to improve our overall system while re-enhancing the functionality of existing features while developing new and improved features.

2 With the Vizitor 2.0 upgrade, the Vizitor Suite will have much more enhanced functionality with updates and improvements made to the visitor dashboard, the quick register system, check-in kiosk updates and new features included in the visitor web app.

3 Vizitor can perform as the leading supplier of Digital Visitor Management.

4 Vizitor has included brand new features that will allow a safe return to work including a Pre-Screening functionality for all personnel, Custom Alert Notifications and Contactless Check-In Experiences.

Throughout the upcoming weeks, there will be so much more information to come in regards to the Vizitor 2.0 upgrade. During the launch, Vizitor will be breaking down all of these new and improved system functionalities in much more detail to give users a full representation of the incredible new features and integrations included plus much more.Upgrade Your system now!!