In today's age businesses are trying to reduce their operational costs wherever it’s possible and this provides businesses with the perfect opportunity to look into which items a business can reuse, repurpose or recycle instead of throwing them away. There’s always a value to waste if you have the eye to look for it, and as the famous saying goes “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” meaning that you can take advantage of everything you’re thinking to throw away.

Here are 5 items that can easily be reused, repurposed or recycled at your office - some might just surprise you as well.

  1. Paper Clips:

The humble small paper clips. Offices have loads of them rattling around in all drawers, and the HR team tends to buy them in bulk, so there are ample of them straggling around. You can use them to do various little tasks like resetting your electronics, hanging plants to give your office a greener look or either unclog your spray bottles.

2.  Used Notebooks

Used notebooks are a challenge when it comes to recycling - the paper can be easily recycled but what about the data they have on them. So instead of using paper based notebooks try using digital pads or try opting for the reusable notebooks which can be erased of any non required data.

3. Permanent Marker;

Did you know that the permanent marker can be brought back to life to be working again. All you need to do is just simply remove the back nib or the tip from the back of your marker and put in a few drops of isopropyl / rubbing alcohol on the sponge inside. Now re-attach the nib and shake well to make sure that all the alcohol is absorbed in the sponge. The doesn’t run dry first, it’s the solvent that ink is mixed with, so once you put the alcohol in, your marker will be resurrected back from being dead.

4. Shipping Supplies

In addition to the recycling/reusing the boxes which are coming in you can reuse the Styrofoam pallets and the packing paper as well. If you don’t have any of these left, simply shred some of the old paper(make sure they have been used fully) and use them as packing material. In order to make it easy, create a common shipping and receiving area that will have all of these items. The more accessible they are, the more likely they will be used by everybody.

5. Ink and Toner Cartridges

Almost 50% of the ink and toner cartridges are not getting recycled, and there is not good reason for that. Recycled cartridges are refurbished and manufactured for reselling, each one of these save over two pound of metal and plastic from going in land, in addition to saving about half gallon of oil which is used for manufacturing a new cartridge. Try and check with your local office supply store if the cartridges can be refilled for reuse.