Tips to Celebrate the Eco-friendly Christmas!

Tips to Celebrate the Eco-friendly Christmas!

By Ritika Bhagat

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Tips to Celebrate the Eco-friendly Christmas!

Thu, Dec 24, 2020

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This year Christmas might look a little different. But it’s still possible to have a wonderful festive season. Due to the Covid-19, we have faced many problems. But this festival is coming with the ray of hope. This year we will save our environment and celebrate the Eco-friendly Christmas. Don’t let your Christmas tree go into the landfill this year make sure it’s recycled.

“Spread the cheer with Green Tips to Create Eco-Friendly Christmas.”

Here are some tips to enjoy the festive season without costing the earth.

#Avoid the Artificial trees:-

The artificial trees are made from plastic, not recyclable or from a renewable source and have probably been shipped great distances. For the environment we have to avoid the artificial trees and use the real trees instead. These real trees help to remove carbon from the atmosphere while they are growing. Decorate the real trees and plant the new trees to save the environment.Real trees are the more Eco-friendly choice.

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Use the soy made, vegetable-based wax candles. These are the more Eco-friendly candles because they are biodegrade and smoke-free. These candles are very cheap in cost. When we use the paraffin candles that are made from petroleum residue and are no good for your health or for the environment. So avoid these candles.


For the Christmas decorations use the recycled things. You can decorate the trees with the CDs, juice cartons to make your tree sparkle. Decorate your tree with products that are fairly traded and ethically sourced. If you want to be more Eco-friendly, use LED lights that are powered by solar power and rechargeable batteries to offset the energy usage.


Avoid the use of the plastic bags. Instead of these bags use the cotton shopper bag.On this Christmas, use a cotton Eco-shopper or take old plastic bags and reuse them. Cotton bags are good for the environment.

#Use Local Presents:-

Buy local or buy less to save the environment. We know that, on the Christmas, 4,000 tonnes of products arrive from China. Presents bought locally means you will be supporting small suppliers and minimizing your carbon footprint. Buy durable gifts and avoid buying or requesting presents. This way you can also support the economy of the country.

#Turning off your unused appliances:-

Turning off the appliances, if you are not using them. This saves huge amounts of carbon. This will also contribute to the environment.

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At the end, we want to share only one message. Every year we celebrate Christmas with joy. But we forget about our environment. So let’s this Christmas celebrate the Eco- friendly Christmas.

**Don’t cut trees, and celebrate plastic free and Eco-friendly Christmas.                                                        **

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