Tips for Creating an Outstanding Visitor Office Policy to Keep Your Business Secure!

Tips for Creating an Outstanding Visitor Office Policy to Keep Your Business Secure!

By Riitika Bhagat

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Tips for Creating an Outstanding Visitor Office Policy to Keep Your Business Secure!

Tue, Jun 22, 2021

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Nearly every business organization receives a diverse range of visitors and guests each day.They may be your regular guests, visitors, suppliers, clients or even contractors.

There is a great need to manage all of them in a consistent and clear manner.Some visitors return on a regular basis, while others come once and never return. Regardless of the type of business you run, there are certain security concerns that must be addressed in relation to visitors.

There should be a well-planned policy to manage visitors and guests to create a hassle free environment. There may be certain challenges faced by the reception staff while encountering visitors like some visitors may leave waiting in lobby areas for hours, some visitors may enter without approval and much more.

These only are the results of not having a set and strong visitor policy at workplaces.

“A visitor policy is essential for ensuring the safety of visitors. This policy ensures the safety of your employees, the security of your equipment, and the confidentiality of your confidential information.”

Visitor Management Solution

Today, one of the most convenient solutions to implement a strong and great visitor policy at offices is to implement a reliable Visitor Management System to manage your visitors at ease.It benefit your office visitors by offering them seamless visiting experience.There are various Visitor Management Systems available in markets but one of the most convenient and fast among them all is Vizitor.

Vizitor streamlines your business processes utilizing features such as a digital trail of visitors, visitor badges, signed NDAs etc. by offering a great visitor policy to workplaces.

There are a number of steps in creating a strong visitor policy in an organization.

Some tips and suggestions for a great visitor policy are-

1. Restriction on office access: In terms of security, the visitor policy and procedure should include information about authorized access. It should be stated which areas of the office are accessible to which types of visitors. We are aware that there are some confidential information rooms in our workplace. So there should be a confidential visitor sign in the book to secure those rooms. As a result, these areas can be restricted from outside visitors.

2. Keep Visitors’ record: It is highly important to track who has visited your premises and keep a record of them for future purposes and emergencies.One of the best ways to do this is to implement a digital logbook based on cloud server storage.

It eliminates confidentiality risks and makes records easily accessible for future reference. This step is one of the major point to be added in your visitor policy.

3. Identify your Visitors: There should be a proper and strong identification procedure to identify your visitors and guests to allow only authorized access to your workplaces. One of the best ways is to implement a Visitor Badge System to issue authenticated visitor badges to visitors to enhance the check-in process. E-badges contain information such as the visitor’s name, host name, and the reason for their visit to the workplace. This method is a low-cost and relatively simple way to promote easy recognition of guests.Visitors office system also provides the visitor badge templates to the company.

4. Visitor policies for recording: Almost all businesses are concerned about the security of visitor data. As a result, they may impose specific restrictions on visitors. Details such as appropriate guest use of your wi-fi network and technology, as well as any restrictions on photography and/or recording equipment, should be specified in your visitor policy. If certain guests are required to sign non-disclosure agreements, that is another important detail to document.

5. Escort your guests while they are at premises: Escort your guests and guests with a friendly and warm welcome to their hosts when they enter your premises.They should be welcomed as long as they are in your premises rather than leaving them alone to wander in the office. Notify your hosts of their guests arrivals so that they could make their specific arrangements for meetings.

6. Establish strategy for enforcing and educating: To eliminate confusion and keep your office safe, you must establish clear guidelines. Employees should know what to do if they see an unaccompanied visitor in a restricted area. Establish your evacuation plans in advance to reduce the risks.

You must educate your employees on the visitor policy. When you create a guest policy, make sure your entire staff is aware of it. This way, your staff will prevent visitors from entering the confidential area.Training and drills will ensure that your employees understand and trust the security policies in place.

7. Implement a convenient VMS to control visitor flows: Controlling, managing and tracking visitors is extremely crucial for an organization.Visitor Management system offers a more efficient and full-proof sign-in process. This is the secure way to manage your visitors. With this system you can monitor the visitors and you can know who is in the building at any day/time and keep an accurate record of them.

Various key features like Touchless check-ins, pre-registrations, NDAs etc. make your office more secure and safe.

8. Improve your company’s bottom line: Using the NDA policy, this security practice allows the organization to clearly state what is expected of the visitor while on it’s property. This statement could include everything from protecting trade secrets within the facility to declaring to what extent the organization is liable for any injury that may occur.

9. Create a fantastic visiting experience for guests: One of the main aspects of your office policy is to make your guests feel welcomed in a friendly and warm way.Make it your one of the most important goals to make visitors feel welcome when they step into your reception area instead of making them feel uncomfortable and embarrassed. Make your reception and lobby area congestion-free and peaceful.

10. Review regularly for updation: Review your visitor office policy regularly to make necessary updates and changes Keep it up-to-date as per your changing needs and latest technological innovations.Take feedback from your customers,employees and guests to adjust your visitor policy as per their considerations.

Review regularly

Final thought

This is all about office visitor policy. There is a visitor management system, Vizitor, which is the most secure check-in system. This system allows for immediate check-in and should connect you with the appropriate staff member as soon as possible. An automated visitor management system automates your visitor check-in process, badge printing, and keeps a secure digital log of everyone who has been and is currently in your office, assisting in making your visitors’ visits both safe and enjoyable. Invest in a reliable and robust solution to keep your office more secure and safe. Click here to learn more about how visitor management can help you bring stability to your workplace and boost the productivity of the business.