The new normal for welcoming employees

The new normal for welcoming employees

By Ritika Bhagat

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The new normal for welcoming employees

Thu, Sep 24, 2020

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This time is for welcoming employees with the new normal . Due to the Coronavirus, now welcoming employees into the office carries greater consequences and requires more consideration than before. You have to focus more on the safety of the employees and workplace. Keeping your workplace safe by asking your employees the right questions before they come into the office. If you want to know more about an employee’s health and travel history,so you can start from your reception area, with a visitor management system.

The Touchless  visitor management system provides the Touchless features for the safety of the workplace. The Touchless visitor management system manages the visitors and employees in the workplace. If you think about that ”why to get installed with such systems?” then have to look down below. This article will help you in knowing the reasons how the visitor management system helps for welcoming the employees.

Let’s start the topic discussion:

1) Screening before they come in

For the safety aspect, the most important information to get from an employee before they come in is their health and travel history. This is best if an employee can share these details before they come in to prevent the spread of disease. With the visitor management system, you can ask anyone who plans to come to your office if they have a fever or any of symptoms consistent with COVID-19. With screening features you can  ask other questions to help you determine if they may have been exposed to COVID-19. For example:

  • Have you traveled out of state recently?
  • Have you been in  contact with person who has COVID in the past 14 days?


Employees can check-in with the QR code with the visitor management system.An employees’ state of health is considered protected health information. Companies must take special care to keep this information private for employee privacy.

2) Ask how they’ll use the workplace

For the security of the workplace, preparation is key to making sure your workplace is safe. That’s why it’s important to prepare the plan for when an employee plans to come in and how they plan to use the workplace. You can ask questions to the employees like: How long do you plan to stay into the office? Will you require use of a desk? This plan will help to know if they need a desk or specific meeting room when they come in. You have to make plans to clean the area before and afterward. Place the sanitizer at every employee’s desk. Provide them safety kit with gloves, tissue papers, mask and more.

3) Privacy of employees’ data

With the manual system, employees may not feel comfortable sharing more personal information like their recent travel and health history. But with the visitor management system you can  maintain your employees’ trust by keeping their data private and being transparent about how long you store their data and who can access it. With the visitor management system the company only captures if an employee agreed or disagreed with a statement, rather than specific data on their symptoms or temperature. With vizitor, you reduce the risk of private information falling on the wrong eyes. Nobody can see your data with the visitor management system.


4) Quick responses to keep your workplace safe

Your employees’ responses may tell you that an employee is sick and shouldn’t come in or that too many people are planning to come in at a certain time. When these situations arise, you need to know what to do and take immediate action to prevent an unsafe situation.Make sure your team knows exactly what criteria employees must meet to come on-site as well as your workplace’s max capacity. With the screening you can immediately notify employees who are not to enter the office. When you notify an employee, also disable their access badge to make sure they can’t access the office.

Wrap Up!!

In conclusion, this new normal is very important for our workplaces for their safety. A new level of trust is essential for inviting employees into your workplace. With visitor management system you can provides them Touchless check-ins, screening alerts and contact tracing features to the employees and visitors. With Vizitor you can give the confidence to employees to return to the office.