The need of Visitor Management Systems for Co-working Space

The need of Visitor Management Systems for Co-working Space

By Ritika Bhagat

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The need of Visitor Management Systems for Co-working Space

Mon, Oct 12, 2020

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Visitor management system for a co-working space is a software that automates the reception area.Visitor management system helps to manage efficiently check in visitors, capture key information, and let hosts know of their visitor’s arrival. Co-working software combined with a visitor management system simplifies managers’ lives and increases the productivity of the workplace. For co-working space, visitor management system needs to build a digital database of possible connections. With the visitor management system you can gather the information of every visitor.

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The Benefits of Supplementing Co-working Software with Visitor Management system:

  1. They prefer to use a self-check-in system even when a person is available. Vizitor provides the facility to check-in itself without the help of another person and this way you can be sure that your info is entered correctly.

  2. With the visitor management system a visitor will not interrupt if a manager is busy with some other activity. A self-check-in option solves the problem as it assists the visitor immediately.

  3. Digital VMS works 24/7 and registration becomes a matter of minutes no matter of visitors coming time.

  4. With the visitor management system, you know who your visitors are which helps you enhance security. Vizitor allows your visitors to pre-register their visit and enter all their information.

  5. VMS provides the host notification and alerts, so your staff get notifications and prepare for the visits better. When the visitor gets pre-registered, they receive a notification with all essential details on their mobile phone or email.

  6. Visitor management system offers e-pass with access rights for visitors with visitor name, photo, contact, organization name, and more. It also contains records visitor’s ID-proof for adding an extra layer of security.

  7. With the VMS you can see the live status of visitors. Visitor dashboard displays the current status of the visitors. visitor management system provides real-time data, status of visitor, pre-registered visitors, and more. This visitor information is essential for enhancing co-working space security.


Hidden benefits for your coworking space:-

1) Easy to Use - visitor management system is user-friendly at the backend as well. VMS offers features like drag-and-drop interfaces, wizards, and robust customer support that can respond to questions quickly with an easy way.

2) Streamline Visitor Management Process- The best visitor management system assists in the check-in process. helps with printing visitor badges, alerting hosts that their visitors have arrived. Visitor management system provides the Touchless check-in that streamline the visitor process.

3) Protect Customer Privacy- There is no doubt that VMS is much more secure than a paper log. visitors can’t see the information of other visitors without their permission. The visitor data stores in cloud that can be accessible by anywhere and anytime. There is no need for storage to store the data.

Wrap Up!!

Visitor management system is a high-tech way to check in and manage visitors coming to your co-working space is a giant step to five-star service paving the way to prosperity, growth, and development. So are you still waiting to replace the paper-based manual system into the digital system? If you want to manage your visitors efficiently and enhance your productivity then go for digital with Vizitor’s free trial!!