The Need and Benefits of Visitor Management Software in 2021!

The Need and Benefits of Visitor Management Software in 2021!

By Ritika Bhagat

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The Need and Benefits of Visitor Management Software in 2021!

Wed, Mar 17, 2021

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Can you provide the record of last year ? Do you know how many visitors have visited in your company in 2019?

You never know the answers of these questions using the manual system at your office. So you need to be prepared for the records for the various uncontrollable circumstances that may happen within your premises. There is a visitor management system that is the one safeguard for your building. Replace the manual system into the digital visitor management system at your front desk. So that you can manage the visitors without any receptionist.

There are key benefits of visitor management that can help your office with during 2021:

#Reduces paperwork and Locates Visitor Information:-

Using the visitor management system at the front desk you can reduce the usage of paper. Visitor management is the cloud based system that stored the data in the cloud and it can be accessed through the internet. This system will capture and store all the necessary information you need from your visitors. You can quickly search and export the specific data without wasting time. A visitor management system also enables you to compile visitor timeline data for a specific date range.

#Sends Emergency alerts:-

Any incidents can happen in the workplace that may require your building to conduct an immediate emergency evacuation. Then how do you alert your visitors all and put them into safety? Is this possible to use traditional log books? However, a digital visitor management system provides a real-time checklist of everyone who has signed in to your system. This makes it easier to identify people who have safely managed to leave the building premises and those who still need to be accounted for.

Sends Emergency

#Enhancing Information Security:-

With the advancements of the digital technology laws everyone cautious of the dangers of giving personal information to just anyone, including the front desk attendant. So many companies still use the manual system and gather the information of the visitors. These all records can be seen by the others. This risk can be reduced by just implementing the digital visitor management system.

Must-Have Advanced Features of Visitor Management Systems:-

Visitor management system provides the productivity and efficiency. Here are the some features of the visitor management system:-

  • e-Badges: Visitor management system provides the Badge management features that help keep track of which visitors are welcome and which are not. So this way, unauthorized person cant be entered in the premises.

  • Reporting tools: Visitor management system  provides the reporting tools that represent  an overview of daily activities in an easy-to-read format. With this feature, you can keep track of events, incidents, and visitors.

  • Send agreements in advance: Before your guest arrives, be safe. The company can send invitations to visitors with attached NDAs to sign in advance, or other agreements that might include health and safety precautions. Visitors will receive and sign agreements in advance to avoid signing any agreements by hand once they arrive at your workplace.

  • Alerts and notifications: When visitors arrive in the premises then the visitor management system sends the alerts to the staff and allows them to be granted access in a timely manner.

  • Advanced pre-invitation: Touchless sign-in process assigns hierarchical pre-invitation rights to employees. Sending pre-invitations can assist you let in just those visitors whom you’ve got invited. Sending invites to the guest will allow them to avoid contact at the reception. The visitor can simply scan their invite code and check-in.

  • Touchless visitor check-in: Visitors use their smartphones for themselves check-ins without the help of any third person. Instead of using a tablet to allow visitors to check-in on their own. This will limit the potential spread of the virus when visitors use their hands to tap the screen.

All industries are to benefit a digital visitor management system. Vizitor will streamline your reception area with a smart, easy and secure visitor management system.

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