Quick Points To Make Eco-Friendly Salon

Quick Points To Make Eco-Friendly Salon

By Ritika Bhagat

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Quick Points To Make Eco-Friendly Salon

Mon, Sep 16, 2019

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How often do you visit salons for your favorite haircut or facial treatment? Most of you would reply, every now and then we visit a salon to make ourselves feel good. How do you manage all the booking? You would possibly have a receptionist or dedicated resource to handle customers who walked into.

There’s a lot happening at salons this year besides the usual beauty treatments. That’s right – automated software tools such as Vi**sitor Management Software **have changed the landscape of modern day beauty centers, and aim at providing an exceptional customer experience to one and all! In the recent few years, we witnessed a drastic technological change from manual process to automated or next-gen technologies and apps. You can notice its impact on the beauty industry as well. People working in the beauty industry are now using advanced salon management software to improve their business growth.

Few simple, yet powerful, activities that immediately can start building your clientele.

Choose a  Right Decor

  • Successful salons have a picture of their ideal customer and then offer services and price points that will attract them.

  • Give your salon bright colors as it gives vibrancy and life to a salon. Bold, red chairs contrasted with white walls creates a dramatic, eye-catching effect that will breathe life and atmosphere into your salon. Use the bold lights all over the ceiling.

Choose Software that boost Customer relations

  • The Repeat clients will surely spend more at your salon or spa than new ones, so make sure to get a best solution that will enhance customer relations.

  • Go far fast and reliable Visitor management software that allows customers to book hassle free appointments..

  • Customization is an added touch, and sending personal greeting messages or discounts on special occasions can go a long way with your valued customer base.

Choose your Eco-Friendly Appliances

Always purchase appliances with a good energy rating. Energy-smart appliances conserve more energy and water than standard appliances. Using natural detergents with your appliances will also help alleviate environmental pollution.

It might surprise you to learn that 25% of all emissions come from residential sources, with the vast majority of those caused by heating water for cooking, cleaning and cups of tea. In fact, a standard 10-minute shower is equivalent to leaving the television on for 20 hours uninterrupted! Clearly, using too much hot water on ourselves could land our planet in hot water.

Say No To Plastics

  • One of the biggest movements in the beauty industry is developing better green technology for packaging. Some of these changes include using biodegradable materials, using less plastic.

  • Be wise when choosing products for your salon — there are products out there that support your business in doing the right thing.

Salons have a certain fragrance. No surprise, since nearly 5000 chemicals are listed as products for hair care, including 3300 synthetic compounds.   Beyond the shampoo and conditioner, there are hair dyes, oils, propellants, and various sprays to keep hair in place. This is the main reason for Air Pollution.

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