QR based Visitor Management System for Footfall prediction in Tourism

QR based Visitor Management System for Footfall prediction in Tourism

By R.Saini

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QR based Visitor Management System for Footfall prediction in Tourism

Wed, Mar 15, 2023

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Nobody can deny the fact that Modern technology has given rise to digitization and transformation. The transformative impact of Artificial Intelligence on our society and businesses is far-reaching and is continuously progressing in diverse areas in the modern world.

QR has wide outcomes and can be used in almost every sector.

One of the most important and emerging sectors is tourism. Tourism industry is boosting local economies and delivering memorable experiences. Technological advancements in tourism are adversely critical in today’s ultra modern era. Over the years, the concept of smart tourism is prevailing and becoming reality.Technological enhancements have already revolutionized the tourism industry. But QR has transformed the tourism industry more than all others.


Artificial Intelligence and other innovative trends have greatly improved the quality of the travel experience. During the global pandemic, the tourism industry got a massive hit as people moved away from traveling to mitigate the risk of exposure to the virus.

One of the main central focuses of the tourism industry is catering its visitors on a daily basis. Managing tourism in a sustainable way however requires both a long-term perspective and a careful consideration of the ways in which tourists activities and environment interrelate. Management of millions of visitors and guests seems to be a tedious and complex task for industry. And not at all, the number is going to increase year by year. With increasing volume, the operation of visitor management is becoming much more obscure.

To overcome the challenges of tourism industries, numerous solutions and softwares are available in the markets such as Tourism Management System, Visitor Management System for tourism, Visitor Check-in Softwares etc.

Today, incharges and administrators of tourism industries are using Visitor Management Systems to ensure better security and safety of tourists while managing them in a systematic way.

In this post, we’ll go through the importance of the Visitor Management System in tourism industries and why should tourism use Visitor Management Systems to manage their tourists in an efficient manner.

Introduction to Visitor Management System for tourism

Visitor Management System for tourism is one of the reliable solutions to overcome the challenges of tourism industries by improving their efficiency providing them the necessary resources for visitor management.

Vizitor is one of the best and highly effective visitor management solutions to manage issues related to tourism industries by offering streamlined check-ins and security procedures.It also enables to keep track of visitors and guests by providing highly precise FOOTFALL prediction for the tourism industry.

It is a QR based Touchless Visitor Management System focused on creating seamless and better visiting experience for tourists and guests by assuring safety, security and privacy of the visitors with incomparable touchless check-in experiences

Common Visitor Management challenges faced by Tourism Industries

As the technology is growing, so as the modernization and digitization is progressing, moving its steps ahead in the tourism sector. Visitor Management is considered as one of the most critical aspects of tourism enterprises. Tourism is one such sector which encounters millions of guests and visitors every year.

Visitor Management in tourism industries provides insights into numerous critical aspects like visitor registration, visiting experience, check-ins, data monitoring etc.Visitor Management Systems have long been a consideration in tourism sectors as they overcome most of the challenges of tourism.

Common issues of Visitor Management in tourism–

• One of the most critical issues is to simplify the management of millions of guests and visitors with ease and convenience.

• Providing the best possible experience to guests and visitors by encouraging collaboration among services.

• Safety of tourists and guests is always one of the top priorities of tourism industries. Providing high-tech safety against terrorist attacks, political unrest, civil disorder etc. is a major source of concern that affects traveler confidence.

• Data security is one of the other major concerns among tourism industries.With the growing use of online bookings and registrations, there is always a risk of exposure of personal information of tourists.

• Meeting International regulatory standards including visa issuance, can create challenges for the tourism industry.

• Safety against infectious viruses is also another major issue faced to lessen exposure to viruses as COVID.

• Maintaining a sustainable and environment friendly green atmosphere is also a challenge especially in recreational areas such as hotels.

• One of the main and unavoidable concerns is FOOTFALL prediction of tourists. Keeping track of the number of persons entering into the establishment at a given time.It is one of the key performance factor in managing the visitor attraction.

Visitor Management System for tourism helps keep track of tourists that are currently on the property and space by offering various extensive features that improve efficiency.

Visitor Management in Tourism

Though the tourism industry is growing after the integration of various high-tech innovations and tools. QR based Visitor Management Solutions are now impacting tourism at its greatest extent. QR based Visitor Systems are leading tourism ahead towards a smarter and digital sphere. Digitization is the need of the hour. Earlier, the tourists and guests have to manually keep an eye upon every visitor by manually registering them using visitor logs. Visitor Management is critical in tourism to manage tourists much more efficient by streamlining processes and introducing automation for manual tasks.


FOOTFALL ANALYTICS using Artificial Intelligence

Footfall predictions has evolved as an increasingly sophisticated and helpful scientific discipline for tourism industries during few past years.Ultimately, it helps them understand visitor behavior to make decisions about resources,expansions and improve customer experience. With the advancement in technological innovations, the tourism industry got highly benefited by the one called-Artificial Intelligence.The technology helping the tourist industries to enhance its customer service and visitor experience.

It offers the tourist attractions to monitor everything from footfall and ticket sales to retail and catering sales.

GDPR compliant mobile apps combined with Artificial Intelligence offers access to not only visitor frequency but also allow you to discover peak trading periods and popular routes.

Building a fantastic and seamless experience for visitors is always the major consideration in the tourism sector.Having real-time information coupled with the power of personalisation enables tourism incharges to establish a trusted relationship with guests and visitors.

Importance of Visitor Management System in tourism

Visitor Management techniques in tourism

With security becoming an immense priority around the world, a better visitor management system will have a higher demand than ever.The Visitor Management System will help in enhancing security in the field of tourism by offering various key features.

Salient features of Visitor Management System, Vizitor that facilitates the tourism industries in enhancing their efficiency and productivity–

1. Touchless Check-ins and Check-outs

• The system offers QR based touchless check-ins to tourists to make them check in of their own using their smartphones.

• Tousrists can automatically check out tourists after a certain amount of time.

• It also offers visitors to gain access to your location again without having to register again by saving them as a recurring and pre-registered person.

• It is based on cloud storage to maintain visitor logs digitally eliminating paper/pen method.

2. Verification of visitors details

• Visitor Management System also offers proper and precise verification of visitors data by performing various visitor screening checks.

• It enables tourism industries to screen their visitors before they enter your location by asking them questionnaires related to their health and travel history.

• The Visitor Management System incorporates photo identification and facial recognition technologies to keep an eye on unwanted visitors in order to ensure the safety of the place.

• It also restricts access to protected and restricted areas.

3. Personalized and digital Visitor badges

• VIsitor Management System also offers customized and digital visitor badges to each tourist so that guides can easily identify people at your property, park or attraction.

• Badge printing for visitors which adds to the process of identification and helps to identify visitors easily and quickly.


4. Automated and Instant notifications

• The system enables instant notifications to the concerned people alerting them when a tourist check in.

• It also generates automatic alerts about any unwanted or blocked visitors and in case of any natural discrepancy.

• The system provides a secure deterrent that identifies, and reports unauthorized tourists.


5. Meet GDPR compliant standards

• Traveling regulations have increased much more over the past few years. Tourism industries must ensure their systems and processes are compliant to reduce the risk of violations.Visitor Management Systems have revolutionized the traveling world by leading to the development of applications and smart products that aim to make air travel and border crossings as seamless as possible.

• Visitor Management System enables the tourism industry to meet necessary GDPR and data privacy norms, visitor’s consent, transparency of use, and guarantee against external threats.


6. Ensure safety during pandemic

• Tourism industry is one of the top industries to get affected by pandemic situations and scenarios.

• The software enables easy contact tracing for anyone that reports symptoms of a pandemic infection.

• It also enables employing thermal and health screenings to reduce risk of exposure to viruses.You can quickly identify and contact anyone they might have been in contact with over the past few weeks.

• In the hard-to-navigate health crisis, the software can be used to track footfalls and eliminate waiting times in queues to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses.


7. Create user friendly and green atmosphere for tourists

• Vizitor is another name for digitization in modern enterprises. It completely diminishes use of paper providing tourists with touchless check-ins reducing the use of paper based logs.

• It simply eliminates the need of paper and pen for repetitive, meaningless tasks.

• It provides a greener,cleaner and secured environment to visitors lead to enhanced productivity and efficiency for staff.

• Visitor Management System for tourism offers clear instructions to tourists providing them with seamless traveling experience.

Vizitor- A perfect solution for tourist management

Vizitor also serves as a modern and affordable visitor management system supporting our tourism perspectives to make it more safer than ever. Tourism is one such sector which receives a vast number of visitors and guests than other ones. It needs more customer satisfaction and recognition to be productive and efficient. Vizitor enables the tourism sector to become ‘Smarter’ and more ‘Smarter’ than ever before by incorporating it with QR and cloud based technologies.

Closing Thoughts……

Hence, it becomes clear and fair that the tourism industry is a major contributor in our global economy.It has greatly been affected by technology such as Artificial Industry to enhance its customer satisfaction. After all, this is critical for enhancement of tourism aspects. Providing a safer and unique visiting and traveling experience to tourists is one of the major concerns of tourist incharges. And, this can be achieved only when you have an efficient and customizable visitor management system such as Vizitor.

Implementing Vizitor is one of the perfect solutions to make your traveling experience more fantastic and flawless.Just enjoy your trip without worrying about any safety related issues. Vizitor, a one-stop solution, is here to serve. Learn more about Vizitor for the tourism industry.