Positive Outcomes of COVID-19 LockDown!

Positive Outcomes of COVID-19 LockDown!

By Ritika Bhagat

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Positive Outcomes of COVID-19 LockDown!

Wed, Apr 1, 2020

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It’s a frightening time for everyone. As we know, mostly people with underlying medical conditions are at greater risk from coronavirus. We all recognise that the situation is very serious and could well get worse. This affects us all in some positive ways as well, like:

  • The handshakes, goodbyes are the things of the past. The world is switching to “Namastes” , a way to greet each other. This is due to the rapid spread of Coronavirus globally. It has affected over 150 countries with over 789,251 confirmed cases and 38,092 deaths.

  • This sudden rise has changed the way we work, live and commute.

  • Schools and classes are going digital. Work from home policies is gaining a push globally. All resulting in less traffic, fuel and power consumption, inevitably leading to less pollution.

  • The Internet is the knight in shining armour, globally. The physical meetings have been converted to video conferencing. Everything has switched to digital operations and online mode.

  • Eventually Covid-19 will fade away. But it will leave a mark. That will clearly indicate an online world will take the form.

Similarly during my home quarantine, I was sitting in my home garden suddenly I started listening to the beautiful chirping sound of birds and I noticed the weather is very good, the blue sky, birds and trees have grown green! Under the control of the virus outbreak, our nature will usher in a beautiful spring! Did you notice how many more birds there are now?  It’s so peaceful. As we see, the environment is benefiting in some interesting way over the last few days.

Air pollution Improves:

One of the main impacts of the coronavirus outbreak has been a significant drop in air pollution in many parts of the world. Major cities of India find significant dip in air pollution levels. The reduction of carbon emission by vehicles, other non-essential transportation, and no construction activity have all contributed to improvement in air quality. Chart Climate Change is happening

The vast majority of the countries are experiencing the up-side down in each and every aspect of life. The same is not happening with climate change. The current climate change have taken drastic changes in a positive way. Decrease in Global warming levels could easily lead to a series of catastrophic outcomes.

Research shows that by closing the factories due to lockdown in the past 2 months, the sky is almost completely clear again. For example, there is currently no clothing production, which means that less CO2- emission is released and people can breathe again. The nitrogen dioxide is no less than 30% less than normal.”

Similarly with many people around the world self-isolating, cities are also seeing their air quality improve. The main thing is the Ozone layer is healing.

Decrease in Water Pollution

Many beaches in Mumbai appear clean. The water in canals and rivers is much cleaner than before. “The water now looks clearer because there is less traffic on the canals, allowing the sediment to stay at the bottom,” a spokesman told CNN No bars to wild animals

The wild animals must be thanking pandemic to curb no human interaction. Instances of animals venturing into human habitation is quite visible over social media. Many social media users have uploaded photos and videos of animals in urban spaces across India. The number of some familiar animals such as the sambar, a large deer  has increased. I think one of the interesting things about it is, wow, the earth bounces back. On top of air and water, wildlife may respond to changes. “Nature is reclaiming its spaces.”

Underlying some of the benefits of self-quarantine:

  • We suddenly have (a lot of) time to think. Use this time to wonder what you really need and what you value. It is a great opportunity to rediscover what you have. Since we are spending more time in homes, this is the time for self learning.

  • Make the most of your time and have a wholesome chit-chat session with your family. If you are a book lover then this is the best time to catch up on some reading. Another way to utilize your quarantine period at home is to declutter your bad habits and inculcate the good ones.

  • For most of the people who condemn their busy schedule to be the reason why they are not being able to workout, this is the best time to pay attention to their health. Chalk out a workout routine for yourself and stick to it. Another option, for being quarantined, is to binge watch your long pending courses.

There is nothing wrong with a little introspection. Take some quiet time to access where you are in your life and career. Contemplate if you’re happy with who you are and what you’re doing. Be honest with yourself.

According to Credit Risks in Turbulent Times “The coronavirus, the deteriorating global economic outlook, lower oil prices and asset price volatility are creating a severe and extensive credit shock across many sectors, regions and markets. We expect credit conditions globally to further weaken and defaults to rise in the coming months.”

But the good side effects we can see during this medical crisis brought about by the coronavirus is the love, concern and care shown by dedicated caregivers, nurses and medical workers. Isn’t it phenomenal.

The goodness and love of millions of humans have come shining through. We all are challenged to fight coronavirus by avoiding all contamination by self-quarantine, hand-washing, social distancing and getting tested when protocols require. We must honor and support those who are risking all to help us win.


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