5 Myths to be mistaken about the Visitor Management System

5 Myths to be mistaken about the Visitor Management System

By Ritika Bhagat

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5 Myths to be mistaken about the Visitor Management System

Fri, Feb 14, 2020

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Is your organisation beginning to think about taking a move from paper to digital form of check-in for your visitor management process? During this decision making process, you might have come across lots of negative and positive opinions on the visitor management system. The changes are that they are highly myths. To help you make your right decision whether to switch, we have confuted the some visitor management system myths below.

Myth 1:-It’s expensive and takes lot of time to set up

Let’s take this argument right off the table. A visitor management system is incredibly cost effective for all the ways a digital check-in system saves time and effort.

As for getting set up, if you’ve got an hour or so, you can fully build out your account, complete with your own branding, your employee contacts, and your own unique notification workflows.

Myth 2:- Only big organisations need visitor management system

Definitely not. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from a visitor management system. Just because your business doesn’t get a lot of visitors frequently, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still have a process that is simple, increases security, makes a great impression.

Here are a few ways that businesses of all sizes can benefit from a visitor management system:

• Visitor badges with photo capturing is a great security feature for all types of businesses, large or small.

• Various policies and NDAs are required in all businesses - a visitor management system makes it easy to communicate these to visitors.

• Every size of business will be required to do an emergency evacuation at some point and a visitor management system can make this smoother with evacuation lists available from mobile devices.

Myth 3:- The visitors data is not secured

Many visitor management systems are very secure, especially when compared with visitor log books. When using a visitor book, your visitor data is on display to anyone that comes in. The next person to sign in is no doubt going to look at who signed in before them - with various visitor management systems, this isn’t possible.

Myth 4:- Visitor management system is complicated

The visitor management systems are really easy to set up;  all you need is a stable Wi-Fi connection and you can be up and running in less than 10 minutes. There usually isn’t a lot of maintenance either - just a simple app update when new features are available.

Disadvantages of using a pen & paper solution

• Easily archive or delete data when it’s no longer needed

• Store data quickly and securely

• Instant badge printing with a visitor photo

Myth 5:- Visitor management system takes someone’s job

It has never been our intent to replace a human being with the visitor management technology. Does it happen? Yes, for instance, at small businesses that cannot afford a front desk staff or at a start-up that has not yet staffed a front office person.

However, the majority of our customers use our software to handle the  process of checking in guests and alerting staff of a visitor’s arrival. Hopefully this blog has helped you along your decision-making process. If not, why not try one yourself completely free plan and find out for yourself. You can also start a 15-day free trial. Alternatively, if you want to find out more about the check-in app.