Maintain Healthy Distancing at Work with Vizitor!

Maintain Healthy Distancing at Work with Vizitor!

By Ritika Bhagat

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Maintain Healthy Distancing at Work with Vizitor!

Mon, Oct 26, 2020

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The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact business. Where Businesses are open to the public, they must consider how to keep workplaces, employees and visitors safe. So for this we have implemented safety systems and practices to save them. So let’s start the safety process from the front desk of the system. There is a Touchless visitor management system that helps your workplace to manage the visitors, employees and workplace safely.

In this article,

we’ll learn what we can do to promote healthy hygiene practices at work by prioritizing workplace safety.

Here are some effective way to keep healthy distancing at the workplace:-

1. Organize clear Communication

For the safety of the employees, we have to organize clear communication. When employees return to work, they need to know what steps their employers are taking to maintain a safe environment.

  • Clear communication can reduce feelings of uncertainty for your workforce then it will  rebuild trust, productivity, employee well-being, and talent retention.

  • You can provide the  frequent updates to promote healthy distancing.

  • You have to be sure about what you expect of employees regarding their behavior and distancing, and when to expect further updates.

  • Always try to promote two-way communication wherever possible.

  • Take the feedback on a regular basis on their  questions to mental health support.

2. Implement Touchless check-in system

For workplace safety implementing a Touchless check-in system.

  • Touchless check-in system reduces in-person interactions by providing a hygienic and touch free way for employees to sign in to your workplace.

  • With this you can reduce the crowd at the  reception area.

  • There is no need for the additional hardware, with a Touchless check-in systememployers can manage the visitors by allowing smartphone check-in for employees and QR codes for visitors.

  • Visitor provides the vizitorPASS moblie app that helps you to manage who is in your building at all times, digitizes the in-out process, and screens employees for COVID-19 or other illnesses to minimize health risks.

  • With the visitor management system you can streamline your front desk by replacing paper-based systems with a digital visitor management system.

  • They can easily check-in by scanning a QR code and following the instructions on their mobile device.

Implement Touchless check-in system

3. Promote Hygiene Practices

To the safety of the workplaces, employees and visitors, you should oversee regular cleaning schedules.

  • Regular disinfect your workplace surfaces like door handles, desks, and systems.

  • As we know, hand washing and hand hygiene are the most effective methods to prevent the spread of germs, so do it for some time before touching your mouth, nose and eyes.

  • Make sure the availability of sanitizer dispensers.

  • If employees are feeling sick then encourage them to stay home.

  • For workplace safety, you can start from your front-desk, just by replacing paper-based systems with digital systems. This time is to go with digital.

  • Using the visitor management system you can send digital agreement and screening measures to the visitors.

  • Promote the  printable notice that can help to  reinforce good hygienic practices when employees and visitors enter your workplace.

Wrapping up!!

In conclusion, where organizations are uncertain with surrounding  COVID-19, so  you have to strive to  maintain healthy employee distancing. With this you can  implement the health and safety controls and adapt the work environment to the new norm. So start to transform your workplace safety with a Touchless visitor management system.