Keep Workplace Safe from the COVID-19!

Keep Workplace Safe from the COVID-19!

By Ritika Bhagat

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Keep Workplace Safe from the COVID-19!

Tue, Dec 8, 2020

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The last couple of months were very stressed. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the  mayhem has created in every industry, millions of people worldwide have lost their jobs. Hence, the time has come when we have to step out of our homes to get back on track. So now we have to take ownership to make your city, state, country, and society COVID-19.  If you are planning to reopen your office? Then you are required to take the necessary measures to protect your safety and your employees from the virus. One of the first things to implement in the office is installing a Touchless Visitor Management System.

What is the Touchless Visitor Management System?

The Touchless Visitor management systems manage the departure of a visitor to an office. The manual system is not safe enough and also slowed down the productivity of the business. That’s why we have thought through how to make the visitor check-in experience seamless and touch-free. Touchless is a way to prevent the viruses from spreading and make your workplace safe. Visitors can check-in without touching the tablet. They can use their own smartphones to check-in. The Touchless sign-in saves your time and once visitors arrive so they’re not bothered to check-in and can more quickly get to who they’re there to see.

Visitor Management System for Covid-19!

The visitor management system prevents Coronavirus by going Touchless. This system also assists in contact tracing. Using this system you can  ask questions to the visitors about their health, travel, and possible exposure to COVID-19.  These latter features can also be implemented for staff of the office Visitors can check-in using their own smartphones without the help of another person.

Know your Visitor’s Location:

  • With the visitor management system,  the organization will know which visitors are on-premises.

  • You can record the digital timestamp with the visitor management system,  when the person departs the property.

Contact Tracing:

  • Contact-tracing technology is one that helps authorities track the virus and warn staff with consistent alerts. Here are some ways to protect the workplaces with this tool.

  • The contact tracing system provides both visitors and employees with check-in and check-out with adding their information, capturing a photo with the user-friendly interface.

Alerts and Notifications:

  • With the visitor management system you can alert your staff by any number of means, including email, phone call, when visitors arrive in the workplace.

  • A visitor management system also notifies the employee if they have been in contact with an infected visitor.


  • An organization may have banned the visitors from its facilities and restrict the entry of unwanted people.

  • With the visitor management system, receptionists can alert with  information such as photographs, and background information.


The visitor management system has upgraded itself with Touchless technology and become the best system to prevent the spread of viruses. These effective systems not only consider security but also offer reliable features for curbing the Coronavirus pandemic. Let’s make our workplace free from virus with the Touchfree visitor management system. Start your Touchless journey with Vizitor’s signup.