It’s Time For Business To Go Green

It’s Time For Business To Go Green

By Ritika Bhagat

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It’s Time For Business To Go Green

Thu, Sep 26, 2019

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Have you thought of going green with your business? How can you make it  green?Nowadays, going green is new USP of every business. Going green will ultimately boost your company’s culture. Businesses recognize that climate change is a problem. All are making attempts to solve the problem, resulting in a wave of sustainability, climate change, and environmental projects.

The business world is under pressure today to stay ahead of the ever-increasing number of social issues and trends. While the push toward sustainable technologies and products to save the environment is not new, it has never been more significant than it is today. Many companies are coming up with innovative solutions to help build a green future. They are taking this route to gain customer support as well as to reduce harm to the environment.

It’s true that consumers today are seeking out sustainable products more and more and are willing to pay more for green products. Sustainable alternative products are often perceived as healthier, better quality and more Eco-friendly, saving the environment.

“We asked a number of entrepreneurs and experts for insights on the components of green marketing that works. The gist: Green only yields green when messaging blends transparency, practicality and savvy.” – Five-Step Guide to Marketing a Business As Green |

Define about your “Green Business”?

The word “Green Business” often means different things to different people. Your company could be using renewable power sources, your employees could be carpooling, and you could be using LED light bulbs. Overall, your company is using sustainable methods and strategies to conserve energy and reduce their negative impact on the environment.

Below are points that will help you going green with your business

• Give your customers honest information about health impacts: The products your company is selling into the make should have health benefit claims, but it’s always good to tell your customers about the concerns and impacts that have been proven to the environment.

• Be careful with your Product Marketing Plan: If your products and services are Eco-friendly or free from toxic chemicals or harmful ingredients, your packaging or advertisements should clearly state that.

• Pay attention to customers needs: The customers needs are the primary thing for any business. The major key to green marketing is to get the right message to your customers. Again, if you don’t explain what is meant by going green, you might have your customers confused and moving away from you.

• Focus on the benefits: Just having a green product or service out in the market is not good enough to get attention from the customers. You should label your products or services with any third party certificate or govern approved logos that you can legally use, such as “organic,” “fair trade,” and so on. People are also likely to buy your products more if your products are easier to use and do not impact the environment. Your marketing strategy should include the following messages:

• Eco-friendly: If your products and services are Eco-friendly, that means you have products and services that provide environmental  benefits, while protecting public health and the environment. You should publicly declare that and educate people on what Eco-friendly products really are.

• Non-Toxic: Your products should clearly say if your product packaging are environmentally friendly or safe for humans.

• Chemical Free : You might want to let your customers know that your products do not contain certain toxic chemicals or harmful elements.

• Biodegradable: If your products are biodegradable, it will break down and decompose into elements found in nature. Let your customers know if you are selling biodegradable products.

• Recyclable: If your product or packaging can be recycled, put the sign on the product or packaging.

• Made with recycled materials: Specify if your product or packaging, or both, was made from recycled materials


Now is a good time to make your entry to the green business world, if you haven’t already started your green business or haven’t started using the green strategies for your existing business. The best way to benefit from a green business is to convey the message to your customers about your efforts to make sustainable planet. Spread awareness through social media campaigns and engage your customer to do the best you can do for the protection of the environment.

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