Is your workplace ready to mitigate the risk of coronavirus?

Is your workplace ready to mitigate the risk of coronavirus?

By Ritika Bhagat

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Is your workplace ready to mitigate the risk of coronavirus?

Mon, Apr 20, 2020

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Protecting the workplace after what we all have gone through in this pandemic- COVID 19 is the main concern! Many things have changed in our personal and professional lives and now is the correct time to make ourselves aware and more alert if any such situation occurs in the future.

Soon the lockdown will get over and everyone will be heading back to their normal lives. Offices will resume and will be expected to visit by a number of visitors just like before. But this time we all need to give extra attention to how we can secure the place where we work.

We are being constantly reminded to keep our hygiene clean, wash hands regularly, social distancing, clean devices and the list continues. The need to maintain hygiene is not to be followed only in our homes but also in our offices and managing the daily visitors in the offices needs to be considered on the top priority list. This will help maintain the security of the employees as well as the guests.

Vizitor will help make the check-ins faster, keep a proper record of your visitors, inform the employees on a guest’s arrival and a touchless experience to visitors avoiding the use of manual paperwork.

How can Vizitor help to screen the visitors?

1. Ask Screening Questions

It is very important to know the accurate details of the visitor who visits your office. Without knowing the identity of the visitor letting them inside your premises won’t be a good choice. Screening of your visitors is very essential and you can start by asking some important questions like:

  • Do you have a past travel history in 3 months?

  • Do you have any health related issues like fever, cough, etc?

  • Have you ever had contact with an infected person who was tested positive with Coronavirus?

2. Sending Pre Invitations

In the initial days when things start getting back to normal, sending pre-invitations can help you let in only those visitors whom you have invited. Sending invites to the guest will allow them to avoid contact at the reception. The visitor can simply scan their invite code and check-in in less than 20 seconds.

3. Alert Employees

Employee protection should be the very first priority of any organization. Who all are coming to meet employees should be very carefully handled by an organization. Vizitor sends notifications to the employee when any visitor comes up to meet them and alerts them by sending the details of the guest to make them aware and take necessary precautionary steps

It is up to the employee if he wants to meet the visitor or not. Vizitor PASS allows the employee to approve or disapprove the entry of any visitor on the premises.

4. Add an Agreement

Make an agreement signed by your visitor which states that the visitor is in a fit and fine condition to enter your premise and he has answered all the questions asked correctly in the screening form. This can help you take action against the individual if found guilty.

5. Know about your visitors in advance

Asking questions before the visitor comes to the premise and letting them fill their details in advance can save a lot of your time and theirs too. Collecting the information of the visitors before they enter the building can help avoid the contact as guests can scan their QR code and check-ins easily.

6. Web Check-ins

Using a Tablet or iPad may concern you at present, so the best way out is to move to a web based check-in platform where only the receptionist can handle the entries of the visitors and will be completely contactless.

Adding a Visitor Management System to your premise can lessen the risk of getting transmitted to the disease! This is the correct time to upgrade to a visitor management system, Sign up now on Vizitor to make your workplace digital and secure.