Inspirational reception ideas for your office or business

Inspirational reception ideas for your office or business

By Ritika Bhagat

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Inspirational reception ideas for your office or business

Mon, Jan 21, 2019

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There is a lot of importance of a well-designed office reception as it is the place where your customers will form first impressions about your company. It is the place where your customers will show interests in your company and its services. Reception area should be equipped with modern infrastructure according to the needs of your business and latest technologies to automate every aspect of your business. Therefore creating a modern & sophisticated reception area according to your needs is very essential for customer satisfaction and their first impression about your company by implementing reception areas ideas.

Consider the following ideas before you renovate your existing reception infrastructure or completely design a new one:-

1. Flexible & spacious:

If your company is short of space for the reception, it’s not a thing to worry! Even smaller office reception spaces, with proper planning can be designed with compact and impressive infrastructure. Everything not only depends on space and design, you also have to ensure that your customers aren’t kept waiting for long time so that there are very rare chances of overcrowded reception area.

If you are completely falling short of reception space you don’t need full fledged desks instead you can make your visitors to check-in via a compact tablet that has visitor management  system installed on it.

2. Lightening & Graphic decor:

Natural light is generally  more embracing and pleasant to eyes than artificial light. If your office has very harsh or dull light then it also needs to be replaced with time. All the accessories, furniture and graphics need to be well placed so that they produce best effects with the lightening installed. Choice of colours should be according to the reception area, designs should be decent & soothing for eyes.*

3. Visitor management:

Even if your staff is strictly dedicated and responsible for visitor management at your reception, there are instances when they are demanded for other official & administrative work. Sometimes your reception staff can also call a day off at work or be outside of the office for a lunch. At these times your valuable customers are left un-attended which makes them annoyed. Therefore using a modern and digital visitor check-in process is very essential for automating the whole process of visitor management. If your company wants a proffesional and competent presence than installing the** visitor management system **should be your first priority.*

4.Introduce greenery & Indoor plants:  

Plants inside the workplace premises can absorb toxicants in atmosphere and increase the flow of oxygen and provide cleaner air to breathe. Numerous scientific studies have proved the benifits of introducing some greenery in form of plants like reducing stress, increase productivity and the most important improving ambience. Introducing eco-friendly techniques like evicting use of paper, power consumption and using energy efficient appliances will ultimately reduce costs and save energy for well being of nature.