Importance of implementing a visitor management system after lockdown

Importance of implementing a visitor management system after lockdown

By Ritika Bhagat

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Importance of implementing a visitor management system after lockdown

Wed, Apr 1, 2020

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Hence, like the popular adage goes “Prevention is better than cure” is right in context to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. To prevent its further spread we need to act upon it by practicing self-quarantine or isolation.

The current outbreak of this Novel Coronavirus (2019 n-CoV) has left the world shaken. It has infected  789,251 confirmed cases and 38,092 deaths till date. To keep the spread in check, the government is taking preventive measures such as social distancing, universal screening and testing and researching on the n-CoV. Chart “According to the report by WHO:-  India, which led the world in eradicating two silent killers - smallpox and polio - has a tremendous capacity in eradicating the deadly coronavirus pandemic that has now claimed nearly 15,000 lives and infected over three lakh others globally.”

As with all past outbreaks, this one will eventually come to an end. Then next what? The measures we can take to avoid this encounter again. Of course there are preventative measures we should be (and are) taking. While we can manage this in the workplace, among employees, with your visitors.

various adequate measures each and every one of us should consider for after a coronavirus outbreak. Some of these measures include:

Moving towards Paperless Operations:

This Virus can be spread through contact with infected persons. So breaking the chain is the foremost step. Doing limited contact with surfaces that could house and spread the virus. Vizitor’s policy of eliminating the paper usage can help to improve the overall environment and moreover reduce the risk of spreading this deadly virus within the workplace.

A visitor management system eliminates the use of pen, paper and computer ink. This means more savings for your company. Ultimately, it helps in saving trees, the environment and reducing the carbon footprint.

Visitor’s Initial Screening:

If someone who may be an infected carrier of the virus enters your premises, the initial step you need to be able to identify them and take action. Visitor screening with digital questionnaires about their health issues would be the best solution during these kinds of epidemics.

Due to traditional procedures of form filling during the health emergency, can actually make the situation worse and spread the infection. Visitor management system allows host organizations to set up custom forms to prompt visitors to take speedy questionnaires on tabs at the reception or by emails- before visitors ever step foot on the premises*.*

Spreading Awareness

Let’s put a stop to the rumors and start spreading reliable information. It has been observed time and again that rumors are being circulated through social media channels. These fake news are baseless and don’t have any scientific facts related to them. Any outbreak or pandemic comes with its own set of rumors and myths. In times like these, it’s not only essential to know the ‘To-dos’ but also curb the rumors and boost the myths.

As a crucial step during any emergency, is to facilitate the correct information among ourselves. To continue to monitor the health advisories and governmental health authority is the most important step. While we believe in the benefits our visitor management software can bring during any global health crisis. Nonetheless, this pandemic requires that people must act upon the precautionary measures, taking note of -“prevention is better than cure.”

Visitor management systems allow organisations to respond to unpredicted situations like a disease outbreak. It authorises security to have greater knowledge and control over who enters their premises, and to take preventative actions that would minimize coronavirus spread.