How Vizitor can boost your salon?

How Vizitor can boost your salon?

By Ritika Bhagat

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How Vizitor can boost your salon?

Thu, Aug 27, 2020

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There is a common scenario that occurs in every salon. As we know a salon doesn’t have a dedicated receptionist . When a client walks into a beauty salon. He is mostly greeted by a stylist who is in the midst of working with another client. Think about that situation, when a stylist has an appointment with the clients,then the stylist will have to stop working with the client they are currently helping to see if there are spots available for this new client, etc.This scenario is a major distraction. Many salons cannot afford a receptionist. So instead of going for a receptionist they should opt for a visitor management system that manages the visitors without the help of any third person.

How is the visitor management system needed for a salon?

#What clients expect at beauty salons: When someone walks into a salon, they are putting their trust in their salon and expect a certain level of service. When any stylist  leaves their client to attend any other front desk client, it can cause the client to have less confidence and in order to resolve this issue a visitor management system attends the clients without any help from other people. This system enhances the productivity of the salon as well.

#How this system provides the streamline experience to the clients: This system provides a streamline experience for visitors. For the stylist, having to constantly stop what they are doing to greet visitors can simply lead to added stress to their job, and even affect their performance. So this problem can be solved with the visitor management system. This system makes less distraction.This results in higher job satisfaction and higher turnover rates.

#Busy salons are full of distractions and interruptions: As we know that busy salons are full of distractions but these can be minimized. By minimizing interruptions, you can effectively increase client trust and improve experience, and also employee job satisfaction. This leads to client loyalty and increased business overall.

Are visitor management systems the best alternatives?

Yes, a visitor management system is the best alternative. It just does not give you a  financial advantage over hiring a full-time receptionist or hostess. But, also help you give your front desk a modern look

  • Vizitor uses the power of technology to streamline client reception. Allowing your stylists to stay focused on their clients.

  • Vizitor works with an iPad/tablet to provide a seamless client check-in experience.

  • Clients with appointments can use Vizitor to notify their salon professional they have arrived.

  • Walk-in clients can use Vizitor to notify available stylists about the services they need.

  • Visitor management system allows a smoother experience so that stylists provide better service for their clients.

About the Vizitor automated receptionist app:

  • Vizitor is the incredibly customization digital visitor management system that works with your tablet/iPad. When a client checks in, Vizitor can instantly inform stylists via text

  • Vizitor requires clients to e-sign waivers which protects your business.

  • Using Vizitor is easy for your clients, and easy for you and your staff as well.

  • Vizitor help you handle your guests more efficiently.

At the end we want to say that stylists and other staff adore the simplicity of this system, guests will be happy with the immediate service and you’ll also love that you can keep a better track of what’s going on in your salon, even when you aren’t there.