How visitor management systems Can lead to a safer workplace

How visitor management systems Can lead to a safer workplace

By Ritika Bhagat

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How visitor management systems Can lead to a safer workplace

Wed, Sep 9, 2020

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If you are thinking about a digital Visitor Management system. Then you will think about “It should be able to tell you who is coming and who is going from your premises at all times.”

The main goal of Visitor Management is to increase workplace safety for both staff and guests.Visitor Management systems try to identify threats, prevent unauthorized access and record visitor’s data. Gone are the days of Visitor Management being a notebook on a table at the entrance to an office.

Today’s Touchless Visitor Management systems are comprehensive, modern and security-focused. A good Visitor Management system provides a high level security to the workplaces.

Here are some reasons Visitor Management System increases workplace safety at sites of all kinds.

1*.* A Visitor Management installation serves as a security checker*.*

Many companies are still using the manual system, unauthorized people can enter the workplaces with bad intentions. But there is no one around, allowing the person to walk right in. With the Visitor Management installation at your entrance, you’re doing a number of things:

  • You’re showing who arrives at your site that this is an organization that takes safety and security seriously.

  • You’re warning all visitors that they won’t be allowed access to your site without permission.

2. Visitor Management identifies unauthorized people.

At the office, it can be difficult to keep an eye on everyone. With the visitor management system you can know who’s on-site.

Visitor Management helps to identify guests with visitor badges, a Visitor Management system makes it easy to quickly identify people who are on the premises.

  • Each employee is wearing an ID badge that makes it clear he belongs n-site and authorized.

  • When a person has lost a badge then, compelled to let security know there’s a situation that needs to be checked out.

3. Visitor management system provides the Watch lists.

The deterrents are a great way to prevent incidents from ever occurring at your site.

  • Some people won’t be deterred by a Visitor Management installation, and will still try to walk up to the desk and check in.

  • The employee at the front desk asks the guest for ID, and enters the name in your system.

  • Many Visitor Management systems allow for the creation or importing of watch lists, be it a custom list made up of former employees or a local sex offender registry.

4. Knowing who’s on-site during the case of an emergency.

With the Visitor Management system,you can get the details of visitors on-site. As well as you can know how many Visitor Management programs also offer modules that allow for employee attendance tracking?

  • Visitor management systems maintain the records of  employees signing in and out time.

  • By using a Visitor Management system, you’ll have detailed records of who was on-site at the time of your emergency.

  • Visitor Management system saved precious seconds and increased workplace safety again, even in the face of danger.