Boost Apartment Security with The Visitor Management System

Boost Apartment Security with The Visitor Management System

Ritika Bhagat

Boost Apartment Security with The Visitor Management System

Thu, Jun 11, 2020

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In the hustle and bustle life, we can make the most of our time living in an apartment. Apartments are modern residential complexes that have all the special conveniences such as stores, gyms, parlors, spa, sports complexes, parks, and 24X7 security monitoring.

The apartment complex where the person dwells but security is a primary concern. We know that apartment complexes have more security benefits attached to it. They are protected with a gated system, security officers, CCTV cameras to record the visitor activities. But is it enough for security when they are still using outdated manual registration systems to record information manually? It is not the right way of handling visitor data. A visitor management system fixes that by providing you with the unique security measures that keep everyone within the family safe and secure.

The need for a Visitor management system for apartment safety:

Having a visitor management system in the apartment place sounds like an escape to all the above problems. While many apartment complexes have done away with the manual paper-based system for gathering visitor information, why not take a step ahead towards your residential security. At **Vizitor, ** we provide a digital visitor management system that keeps the track of the visitors, eliminates the paper-based system for capturing details in a visitor book, reduces the time and efforts to enroll visitors.

Keep the records of  Visitors

  • The Touchless visitor management system provides the newest technology in security measures to stay track of all of your visitors.

  • It keeps a record of the details of the visitors, in case of an emergency, it’s easy to trace down the list of individuals who visited you.

  • The Visitor Management System keeps track of visitors with the digital signing-in the procedure, you don’t need to worry about receiving them within the lobby.

  • The visitor management system allows your guests to check-in themselves by using QR code, thus preventing any disease.

Only Authorized access

  • The visitor management solution is denied the entry of unwanted guests.

  • The smart visitor management software allows our frequent guests to bypass the whole process of verification by allowing them to check-in using their previously used badges or IDs.

  • This system provides the QR code and signing in the process entirely, making them feel reception as soon as they arrive.

Easy deployment

  • Visitor management software is meant to ease deployment.

  • The visitor management system provides the dashboard that comprises all the information of the visitors that the system collects and displays it for everybody to access.

  • The dashboard displayed the information in a graphical way for a straightforward understanding of the info.

Visitor registration

  • The apartment gets visitors every day that many essential details and security may be missing in your visitor registry.

  • The visitor management system comes with security features OTP verified contact number, form customization, NDA agreement, and many more.


  • In case of an emergency, you’ll need help from your apartment staff and management officials with the digital visitor management system.

  • The visitor management system allows you to record your grievances and therefore the management officials and staff get notified immediately in real-time.

Security is the main concern in every sector. The visitor management system provides a high level of security. It reduces a load of hectic Paper-based system by automating the method. Visitor management system records the details of the every visitor with digital way. This is the time to say bye to manual system and use the visitor management system that provides the modern experience to the visitor.