How to use Office Automation To Improve Productivity?

How to use Office Automation To Improve Productivity?

Ritika Bhagat

How to use Office Automation To Improve Productivity?

Wed, Nov 27, 2019

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Do you often feel like you don’t get much time due to answering questions, processing papers and filling out forms? Are you rarely able to put your ideas and projects into action because your day is spent completing manual tasks?

As many companies have undergone digital transformation, new tools and equipment are available to help you automate many tasks in your job description. Automation is one of the growing trends for 2019, especially for businesses moving toward a manual to digital business model. By using technology, businesses can perform many tasks previously done by humans manually.

Here are three easy ways to use automation to improve productivity across your entire office.

Get rid of manual register with digital register

  • What does your front desk looks like? It involves pen and paper, it’s time to upgrade. The visitor management system like Vizitor makes the check-in process more easier. When a visitor comes to your office, the system notifies whoever they’re there to see, prints a visitor badge, and logs the visit in a database.

  • To improve your safety and security, you can even have the system take a picture of everyone who visits your office.

Improving productivity through automation

  • As an office manager, you likely have many projects that you would like to get done that never make it on your to-do list. A research found that employees have an average of 520 hours per year on tasks that could be automated, which equals an entire work day every week.

  • With an extra four days a month, you can likely complete many projects and tasks that will add additional value to your company.

Eliminate the scheduling with Pre-registrations

  • Pre-register visitors before they arrive. Select a host and schedule a visit with date, time and location information. Send the visit information to both the guest and the host.

  • Pre-registration is the simplest way to speed up the sign-in process. Any time you pre-register a guest, you will record their name and their host. So even if that is all you do, they will still miss out one of the steps while sign-in.


Automation is no longer a future trend; technology is critical to success in today’s business world. Businesses that do not add automation will struggle to stay competitive. At some point in the near future, the gap between companies using automation and those sticking with manual processes will become wide. The extra money and time companies using automation save will quickly be evident in terms of quality as well as customer service.

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