How to Make your Event Safer with Vizitor!

How to Make your Event Safer with Vizitor!

By Ritika Bhagat

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How to Make your Event Safer with Vizitor!

Wed, Feb 10, 2021

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How do you manage your visitors at events during this pandemic? Still using the manual system to manage the visitors? Are you looking for new ways to impress and protect your visitors at your events?

“If your answer is yes, We have all in one solution to it- Vizitor!"

COVID-19 is having a drastic impact on our business. Touchless event visitor management system helps you to organize events and protects from the virus. With the visitor management system, you can streamline guest check-in, boost operational business efficiency and generate more revenue. Visitor management software like Vizitor offer event managers a centralized system to monitor their operations.

Here are some recommendations to Manage Coronavirus Impact on your Event:-

#Where is your event and where will your audience be coming from?

Event visitor management system helps to identify and communicate with groups of people. If you need to communicate something specific with people coming from affected countries or how many people are coming from a specific area. Vizitor provides the visitor screening feature that asks the questions from the visitors about their travel and health history.

#Who is coming to your event?

With the visitor management system, you can know who is coming to your event. As well as you can track the visitor with their entry and exit time. Vizitor also provides the contact tracing system that provides both visitors and employees with check-in and check-out with adding their information, capturing a photo with the user-friendly interface.

#Communicate Clearly!

Event visitor management software can help you communicate with attendees effectively. You can use pre-scheduled emails, email alerts and if you have Vizitor Pass app already that people are using, you can push notifications through it. The event visitor management system helps to track the infected person and warn staff with alerts.

Touchless event visitor management system!

COVID-19 pandemic has made a huge impact on the event management industries. There is a need to ensure everyone’s safety and security. Vizitor provides the security to the events with the Touchless features.

–>Visitor screening:-

With the visitor screening, you can screen the visitors before their entry on the premises. This System uses visitor initial screening with digital questionnaires asking their health and travel history.

–>Contactless visitor check-in:-

Contactless check-ins are the best practice to prevent the spread of infection in the workplace. Visitors use their smartphones for themselves check-ins without the help of any third person. Visitors can check-ins using QR code.

–>Automatic Alerts:-

The event visitor management system helps to track the infected person and warn staff with alerts. The event visitor management system notifies the employee if they have been in contact with an infected visitor.

Here are the features of  Visitor Management Essentials For Events:-

1. Send a Welcome Email

You can send a welcome email to visitors before their arrival. The welcome email should include location, Transportation notes, A map of the venue, check-in information, Schedule of events and contact information for event organizers. You can send this email as a quick reference guide information.

2. Use Visitor Management Software For Self Check-In

Visitors can check-in themself without the help of third person using the kiosk. You can also use visitor management software to quickly print visitor badges with the visitor’s photo on it for added security.You can pre-register all confirmed visitors so all they’ll need to do is type in their name upon arrival.

3. Use Digital Signature

Vizitor provides the Digital signature  that displays important event information such as schedules, announcements, and maps. You can place digital signage outside each room to let attendees know which presentation is currently in session and what’s coming up next.

Why is Vizitor the Best Visitor Management System?

Vizitor provides a Touchless check-in process. Vizitor’s visitor management system will make your business more efficient, safe, and organized. When you choose vizitor, then you get the advanced features and highest-quality experience for the best value.

Visitor management system hosts a successful event. As more organizations host their own conferences and events, attendees have higher expectations of the overall experience. And that starts from the moment they walk through the door.

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