How to Create a Contactless Arrival to your Workplace.

How to Create a Contactless Arrival to your Workplace.

By Ritika Bhagat

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How to Create a Contactless Arrival to your Workplace.

Mon, Oct 19, 2020

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As we all continue working to build a COVID-19 safe workplace. Organizations are preparing to re-open offices. Keeping precautions and guidelines in mind is definitely key to creating a safe work environment. Contactless solutions are the best solution to provide safety to the workplace.

Touchless Visitor management systems like Vizitor, enable workplaces to enforce their security protocols effectively. Visitor management system provides the features that  protect workers, evaluate risks, and pre-screening the visitors without contact.

Here are some features of vizitor that can help you keep your workplace safe, productive, and COVID-19 free:-

# Reducing the usage of paper

  • Contactless systems present a simple way to manage the visitors safely and reduce the usage of paper.

  • The contactless system replaces the traditional system into the digital system. So this way you can reduce the uses of the paper.

  • With the digital system you don’t need to touch the paper for entry to the visitors. This system also increases the speed of the induction process and prepares your contractors even before they set foot on your worksite.

Reducing the usage of paper

# Streamlining the visitor processes with visitor screening

  • With Vizitor, you can send invites to workers and visitors, before they arrive at the workplace.

  • Vizitor provides the form you to fill out some essential information about your visitor and their health and travel history.

  • When they arrive on-site, we advise you to screen the visitors with our screening feature before they go to your workplace.

  • With this feature, you can send the pre-screening questions to your visitors before they arrive on-site, streamlining your processes.

  • Screening determines whether they are safe to enter your business or not. Employees can approve or disapprove visitors with the screening using this application.


# Contact tracing

  • Contact-tracing technology is one that helps authorities track the virus and warn staff with consistent alerts..

  • Contact tracing can halt the chain of transmission of COVID-19, and slow community spread when a case is identified.

  • The contact tracing system provides both visitors and employees with check-in and check-out with adding their information, capturing a photo with the user-friendly interface.

  • If a suspected case of COVID-19 is identified, vizitor’s reporting can tell you when that person was on-site and with whom.

Contact tracing

# Touchless check in

  • Harness the power of Touchless Check-in with vizitor. Visitors can check-in without the help of others.

  • To avoid the contact visitors can check-in with their own smartphones  leading them to a customized form to fill in details.

  • Vizitor also generate digital badges for visitor identification.

# Creating QR codes for contactless check-in

  • Vizitor provides the QR code for the check-in.

  • You only need two things: a smartphone and an app for the use of a QR code like vizitor, that converts that image into usable information.

  • You can create a QR code for your visitors and share it with them so they can complete their contactless check-in to your workplace.

  • You can fix a poster with a QR code in your lobby that can help you keep check-in contactless even for those people who forgot to check-in before coming to your workplace.

Creating QR codes


Where we are preparing our-self for COVID-19 free and taking precautions to stay safe. There we also need to prepare our workplaces more securely than before. Make your workplace contactless with Vizitor. For workplace safety, join the vizitorGo Digital” mission  with Vizitor’s trial.