How Hotels Can Benefit From An Automated Visitor Management System?

How Hotels Can Benefit From An Automated Visitor Management System?

By Ritika Bhagat

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How Hotels Can Benefit From An Automated Visitor Management System?

Mon, Jul 8, 2019

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Do you know it is not just the receptionist/manager or the restaurant guy in the hotel. The team is huge  and has other regular employees as well. Apart from regular employees, temporary staff, cleaning staff, cooks, waiters, vendors, contractors, sales people and many other people are a part. And then how can we forget everyday guests who come to stay. Imagine one person or a diary has to maintain a record of all. If the person leaves or the diary is lost the process starts again. Imagine if this issue can simply be solved by one time installation cost of an automated visitor management system.

The first and the key benefit of this automated system will be security. There will be a continuous track of the check-in, check-outs of all regular/temporary staff. Not only the staff the system can be used for all the guests. These system comes with customized features and one can do the same at a very minimal rate. The system is built in an easy way and no technical knowledge is required to operate the same. The only responsibility is to monitor the process and rest the software does all the hard-work.

Hotels need to spend more on reception desk trends and upgrade their systems regularly to provide a comfortable and enriching experience to their guests. By using a right visitor management software like Vizitor, one can streamline guest check-in, boost operational business efficiency and generate more revenue. With modern guest management system you can impress your customers and exclude the use of paper completely at you premises. The latest technology of guest registration also allows you to capture visitor photographs and digital signatures if required.

Such systems/software increases efficiency and visibility. A good visitor management just costs a high speed internet and one time installation charges. Once installed, one never has to worry about data. It will be secured and is easily accessible any time.  The system has few easy steps:

• As the guest arrives at your hotel’s reception and interacts with the Vizitor, it gathers mandatory information digitally and captures a photograph of the guest along with it.

• In the next step you can collect required legal documents for further verification followed by a digital signature acknowledgement of the guest.

• After verifying legal documents every guest gets a unique printed badge with his photograph and basic details on it.

• The authorities can also interact with the guest on their device through notifications for future use.

• A guest that plans to visit nearby can pre-register for his/her accommodation from his device.

In all, vizitor is an essential asset for a hotelier that will improve efficiency of attending guests, secure visitor registration process, automate sign-in, print badges and interact through notifications.