Ways That Help Modern Workplace to Retain Employees

Ways That Help Modern Workplace to Retain Employees

By Ritika Bhagat

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Ways That Help Modern Workplace to Retain Employees

Thu, Sep 19, 2019

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Are my employees happy? Will my top performers stay? What more could I be doing to keep them? These are the questions that always comes in the mind of the employer. Then question arises what are we doing to retain them? Give them healthy and greener space to work.

So what does Greener Workplace mean?

A greener workplace can mean a lighter ecological footprint, a healthier and more productive place to work. Whether if you’re an employer and employee, you can take steps to make it greener.

Improving employee engagement in greening your business can lead to a more motivated, productive, and dynamic workforce – one that understands the importance and value of good business ethics and corporate responsibility.

Why to Go Green?

• Companies have many reasons to improve their impacts on the environment. Check some of the points below:

• Reduce costs: Replacing lighting fixtures alone can reduce a company’s energy use by 25 to 30 per cent.

• Increase revenues: Customers will pay up to 10 per cent more for products that are green (e.g. made from recycled materials) or ethical.

• Find and keep great employees: Employees look for social responsibility and environmental commitment when selecting employers. Because finding qualified workers is a top priority for business owners.

How To Go Green At Work?

The kinds of work spaces an organization’s leadership provides its workers speak volumes about how they value their employees. Employees who enjoy their physical work environments are more engaged, productive and happy.

The Evolution of Workplace Design

Traditional cubicle design trends are evolving to open workstations. This change is happening at a surprisingly fast rate. Employers that understand this will dominate in the competition to attract talent. The fight for top talent has generated a rapid transformation in workplace design.

The most functional spaces employ the latest workplace design trends. This include those that are:

• Flexible, modular Designs

• Activity-based, blended spaces

• Uniquely appealing to employees

• Equipped for integrated technology

• Green Initiatives

Being Digital

One way that a company can begin its “go green” process is to implement the use of a paperless working operation. Visitor management system reduces the amount of paper waste and other small waste items a business has to purchase for printed documents.

Vizitor allows digital check-ins at your workplace.If your business hasn’t made the switch to digital files, now’s the time to stop relying so much on paper documents and make the switch to Vizitor

Avoid Work Repetitions

Several employees say that they feel frustrated when their monotonous work. In every work day, there are numerous such tasks like handling meetings, deliveries, booking conference rooms, tracking visitor log book etc which should not be taking too much mind space of any employee.

Get Others in the act

• Share these tips with your colleagues.

• Arrange an office carpool to commute.

• Make sure everyone has a small recycling bin so that recycling is just as easy as throwing paper away.

• Ask everyone to bring in a mug or glass from home, and keep some handy for visitors.


When it comes to improving efficiency in the workplace, a lot of advice centers around the mindset or motivation of the individual employees. They’re told to set goals, track their progress, and push themselves. While these are all great tips, the work environment is equally important, and entirely within your control.

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