The Next Big Thing In Green Business Travel

The Next Big Thing In Green Business Travel

By Ritika Bhagat

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The Next Big Thing In Green Business Travel

Thu, Sep 12, 2019

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Haveyou ever imagined that your travel for business trip has affected the environment? May be or May be Not! Perhaps you have been enjoying your business class across the continents and your stay  lavish corporate houses. Aren’t you concerned about how green you are being? Even the modern technology hasn’t stopped the number of people travelling for business each year. Nothing can replace the face-to-face meetings, because it always good to know people in person.

But, these thoughts do come across of our minds as we faced with potential world crises. As the thoughts of environmental change are unavoidable. So the question arises, Is it possible to be sustainable business traveller? If so how?

We need to find a way to grow the industry, accommodating more and more guests and building more and more properties, and at the same time reduce the sector’s carbon footprint to achieve complete decarbonization.

Implement Green Policy

A Green Policy defines the approach your company is taking to improve the environment and provides a framework for the development of your green practices.

• A healthier, safer workplace.

• A way to engage employees and customers in discussions around green.

• An improved financial bottom line.

• The ability to meet customer green contractual requirements.

• A competitive advantage in the marketplace.

• An enhanced image in the community and with existing and potential customers.

• Ask travel agents for their green policy statements and ensure you choose airlines by their efficiency, rather than their business class seat size.

Be Smart with Travelling

Make smarter way of travelling is another point to keep in mind to save the source of energy.

• The leisure breaks should be encouraged within the employees onto the business trips.

• Opt of Eco-friendly means of transport while travelling for short durations. Getting a taxi for short journeys is again, not sustainable.

Book Sustainable Accommodation

• One of the challenges in sustainable travel is so-called “Going Green”. Going green is essentially where businesses use the power of green/Eco services to the customers.

• Hotels are the first place for business travelers so installing renewable energy such as heat pumps, wind turbines and solar energy.


That’s the reasons why the Hotels should go green ! Hotel sustainability is on the rise thanks to changing customer preferences, demographics, and more. Green travel benefits hotels in several different ways from saved costs to gain competitive advantages and risk management.

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