GoodFirms Ranks Vizitor as One of the Leading Visitor Management Software

GoodFirms Ranks Vizitor as One of the Leading Visitor Management Software

By Ritika Bhagat

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GoodFirms Ranks Vizitor as One of the Leading Visitor Management Software

Tue, Mar 3, 2020

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Making the process of check-in shift from messy paperwork to an organized digital framework endows Vizitor as one of the top visitor management software at GoodFirms.

View Vizitor’s GoodFirms’ profile to know more about its robust features.

What Makes Vizitor Unique from Others?

The following features of Vizitor enable it to earn a name at the online portal.

  • Vizitor welcomes the clients with automated check-in and renounces the use of paperwork.

  • It helps you create an excellent professional guest experience by greeting the guests smartly and digitally.

  • The visitors who’ve already visited once don’t need to record time, again, and again, they can check-in by giving their registered contact number or email id.

  • It will help you to recognize your customers ideally with the help of a badge given to them on registration and will maintain a record for better analysis in the future.

  • Hosts get a notification whenever their expected guests are around that enables them to solve the problem of time-consuming coordination.

  • The host notification template is fully customizable, so you can add more detail, specific information to the message.

  • Visitor management software also boosts the clients’ business performance with analytics.

  • One can export the visitor stats in the desired format and can manage visitor’s data for promotional purposes.

  • Whenever there is an emergency one can open the dashboard and cross-check every single detail.

  • If visitor forgets to check-out or overstays its duration, an automatic alert message is forwarded to the host, to continue the meeting span.

  • The business people also can choose the alternative to preprint the badges for invited guests. It saves time and helps to minimize the waiting hours for the users.

Moreover, it is very different from others, as it is simple to use. The registration process is very straightforward for both iOS and Android platforms. Furthermore, it is safe and secure as every visitor checks in with all legal automation, and the data is secured safely for future inspections and analysis. It is also worth executing as the software is very economical and easy to maintain the product. At Vizitor, the professionals ensure timely updates of the product to give customer satisfaction.

Thus, furnished with such robust features, Vizitor gets facilitated as one of the best visitor management software amongst the listed ones at GoodFirms.  


Vizitor offers different pricing options with various features like a real-time dashboard, host notifications, badge printing, and employee mobile app at different check-ins rates.

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