Go Paperless with Digital Visitor Management System

Go Paperless with Digital Visitor Management System

By Ritika Bhagat

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Go Paperless with Digital Visitor Management System

Tue, Oct 20, 2020

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Paper industries consume 40% of the world’s commercially cut timber. These productions also consume a  high amount of water. These kinds of production generate  deforestation. This is our duty to save our environment and trees. So we have to start with replacing the paper-based system into the paperless system. This small effort generates a big difference. We can make our workplaces paperless. Nowadays, still many companies use paper-based systems to manage their visitors. This is where a cloud-based visitor management system can come to the rescue.  

Vizitor, one of the most trusted visitor management software in India. With this system you have the much more ability to go completely paperless. You get a streamlined and efficient process that ensures high levels of security for your office premises.

How can we save our environment and trees with the visitor management system?

Vizitor is a paperless visitor management system that manages the records of visitors digitally. In the traditional system, your receptionist uses a pen and registers to store the visitor records. So at the receptionist area, the usage of paper is very high. So we have to start from the office entrance area.  When you choose the best paperless visitor management system for your premises, you evaluate it on many tangents, one being the significant reduction in your carbon footprint.

Here are some benefits of a paperless visitor management system that helps to save the environment and enhances your office productivity as well.

1. Makes digital Records

  • With a digital visitor management system, all the manual entries convert into digital records.

  • Both employees and visitors can record their information without the help of paper log books.

  • Vizitor provides the streamline experience to your visitors and replaces  your reception into an e-reception.

  • This way you get all the data with few clicks and there is no need for storage room, because this system is cloud-based.

2. Saves time with streamline experience

  • In the traditional system, when you are dealing with long queues at the time of managing the records. This situation becomes tangible for the single receptionist. So a visitor management system is the best solution for this situation.

  • With the paperless visitor management system, you can  reduce the long queues.

  • With the digital system you don’t have to waste your paper to save the record of visitors. Your visitor can check-in without the help of the other person.

  • Visitors can save their lots of time.

  • This system can work 24/7 without any interruption.

3. Enhances the Security

  • When you record the visitor data digitally then analysis and reporting are simplified.

  • Visitor management system provides a high level of security, no one, can see the information of the other visitor like a manual system.

  • Visitor data is 100% secure with the digital system.

  • With a real-time dashboard, the security staff can keep track of  the visitors, who are entering and leaving the premises in real time.

  • The centralized dashboard also allows you to monitor and access multiple locations from a single point, that becomes the entire process easy.

In conclusion, where the visitor management system saves the environment and trees, there this system enhances the productivity, efficiency and security of your workplace.Switching to digital visitor management software is a bit for the environment. So, come on the “going paperless” mission with the vizitor and make your office a smart workplace.