Five Key Benifits of Using Visitor Management System At Your Workplace!

Five Key Benifits of  Using Visitor Management System At Your Workplace!

By Ritika Bhagat

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Five Key Benifits of  Using Visitor Management System At Your Workplace!

Fri, Mar 19, 2021

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In today’s modern world we all visit certain places where we go through situations when we have to wait for our turn to meet hosts either hanging out in the lobby corridors or at the reception area. Its a rare chance if a building we have to visit verifies visitor identities or issues a personalised visitor badge to access their premises. Many big companies still don’t consider visitor management systems, a mean to secure their workplace facility. It is strange that majority of multi national companies still rely on traditional visitor access solutions such as bulky paper logs and manual registers to record entries.

Its very important to secure the entrance of an organisation for a safe customer experience. Young business owners & entrepreneurs should understand the importance of having visitor management system as first line of defence at the entrance of their office buildings. So without any further consideration every business organisation should consider visitor access control a must need for their premises and here are five key benifits that will explain its importance-

Know your visitors:- The first and the foremost important benifit of installing automated visitor management solution at your workplace is that it introduces you to your customers. It allows the authorities to track entry of every single person that trespasses and record every important information required by the organisation. The information is stored safely in the database and the authorised person can check it at any point, accessing the admin account of the application. It pleases your customers as they don’t have to wait in queue’s and provides safe and secure premises to business owners.

Notifications on connected devices:- Visitor management systems are designed time efficiently so that they provide ease  to both the owner and the customer. As soon as the customer registers on a digital visitor management system, the appointed hosts are notified about their existence inside the office by a automated notification on their personal mobile device. This prepares the host for their next customer reducing any chances of confusion and time wastage. If the guest is known you can also pre-register by sending an invite on their device through notifications.

Visitor identity badging:- This is very essential feature that solves many security challenges faced by many top level organisations. When the visitor enter an office’s building and register on smart tablet connected to a compact printer that prints personalised badges instantly according to the requirements of the authorities. This badges can be very helpful as they display important details of the guest along with their photograph. Badges help to reduce any chances of confusion between the hosts and customers as they help them to identify and recognise guests.

Generate monthly reports:- By enrolling every customer on the visitor management system, authorities gain access to meaningful monthly reports that help to improve security measures in future. The owners can use visitor management system to notice visitor trends and customer patterns that can further be helpful to drive meaningful insights. These monthly reports are very crucial and are displayed systematically to the authorised person’s dashboard account.

Enhanced company branding and modernised reception:- Visitor management systems are very attractive and present a professional look to your customers and clients. It allows the authorities to personalise interface design with welcome messages and brand logos on upfront. This improves over-all customer experience and opportunity to project your brand.