Yes, Co-working Spaces Can Be Eco-Friendly!

Yes, Co-working Spaces Can Be Eco-Friendly!

By Ritika Bhagat

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Yes, Co-working Spaces Can Be Eco-Friendly!

Fri, Sep 13, 2019

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Have you ever thought about the co-working spaces? How much fun it will be working with different minded people?

Yeah its new concept that trends in the market, Co-working spaces that brings together workers, small business, staff and freelancers in a one shared work environment.  It’s an amalgamation of talents, hobbies, improving the outcome.

The main benefit of co-working spaces is flexibility. Each has its own different layout or enclosed setup. Co-workers can rent a desk that becomes their own reserved space for a specific period of time. The atmosphere of Co-working spaces goes hand-in-hand with the startup lifestyle offering a new spot to build projects and generate connections.

We got to know about co-working, now what about sustainable co-working?Sustainable co-working is now in popular trend. Today, if co-working spaces are considered to be outdated if its not green. Large companies are moving to this trend and display their corporate social responsibility. Green Co-working means less electricity, less heating, less water consumption, less paper use etc. Many spaces have gone above and beyond to make sure their spaces are as Eco-friendly as possible.

Here are a few steps that make co-working spaces more conscious of the environment

Recycling Policy

The Recycling of waste management is suggestions for creating sustainable life. All you need is to bring a small change in your daily lifestyle to reduce waste.There are some of the things you can do to reduce the waste

• Avoid using disposable plates, spoons, glasses, cups and napkins. They add to the problem and result in large amounts of waste.

• Avoid buying items that are over-packaged with foil, paper, and plastic. This excess packaging goes to waste.

• Buy products from the market that are made up of recycled materials i.e. the product should be environment friendly.

• Avoid buying hazardous materials that could pose difficulty for you to recycle. Buy non-toxic products whenever possible.

Reusable Furniture

• Furniture that was not always designed for comfort but a sense of comfort might be particularly important if you want to establish a sense or luxury or put visitors at ease.

• Flexible office furniture is often equipped with wheels so that it can be moved to new spaces easily.

• There should be move able walls, partitions, large whiteboards, and even meeting pods.

Green Indoors

Indoor planting is a great way to enhance your mood and act as tranquilizers. Having plants indoors not only brings a room to life, but helps to improve air quality. It enhances the aesthetic value of our workplaces.

Go Paperless

• If your office still relies heavily on manual process, consider digitizing paper-reliant processes to clutter free office space that will save money and boost efficiency in the process.

• Of course, paper files tend to take up plenty of office space. But by going paper-free, you can avoid  things like the copy machine, heavy-duty printer, all of which can take up a lot of space.

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