Organizations today still use the  paper-based systems, despite available technologies to reduce paper usage. In fact, only 18% of companies today can be considered truly paperless. We all know handling paper is cumbersome, impedes productivity, reduces operational efficiency, and costs companies money and reduces the security. One study estimates that the time wasted from processing paper, costs organizations close to $20,000 per knowledge worker, per year. But that’s only the half of it.

In this article, you will learn:

"More about the extent of the paper problem and everything you need to know about the paperless office and how it can help your business productivity"

Here are some  benefits of going paperless:
1. Reduces costs

Digital paper-based systems reduces operational costs:

  • Paperless management system reduces the storage costs. There is no need to use valuable floor space to store paper. Vizitor is digital management system that eliminates the paper-based system and convert it into digital system.
  • With digital system, you don’t need to create multiple copies of a file. You can use a digital document management system to store one copy in a central place, for easy access. This way you can reduces the printing cost.
  • With the digital system, you can streamline business processes and save money.
  • In the manual system, there is no security of your data. But with the digital system you can securing your data to multiple locations is easy and inexpensive. Recovering that data is even easier, with no impact on business continuity.

2. Enhances workplace productivity

  • The paperless system stored the content centrally and correctly indexed, it’s easily accessible. So this way employees won't have to waste time searching for those files and can quickly share information across workplace.
  • You can easily access the documents, speeds up processes, employee on-boarding, and collections.
  • The integrating applications save your time.
  • With the  digitally mirroring current paper-based processes and implementing the integrations, the company realized substantial productivity gains.

3. Better security and compliance

Security is the main aspect of every organization.But with the paper-based processes, can you provides the security to your workplace? If your answer is no, then this is the time to convert the paper-based process into the digital system.

  • With the manual system, you risk losing business-critical information that can have a negative impact on business continuity and client relationships.
  • Digital systems let you work in a safer and more secure environment.
  • You’re better protected from security breaches due to document and can control who has access to specific files.
  • You can recover the data from the multiple and secure redundant backups.
  • With the paperless processes you can provide employees who work from home with easy access to documents.
  • With the paperless processes you can provide the easy to documents to the employees who work from home.

Wrapping Up!!

In Conclusion, this time is to say bye to the paper-based system and adopt the paperless system. With this you can not only saves your workplace but the environment too. Paperless organizations is the first step to say "save paper,save trees, save environment "!