6 Tips To Create An Environment Friendly Office

6 Tips To Create An Environment Friendly Office

By Ritika Bhagat

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6 Tips To Create An Environment Friendly Office

Wed, Sep 2, 2020

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“Going Green” is a highly trending topic for offices and the popularity is growing day by day of this trend. There are numerous benefits of making your office a green office, including lower electricity bills, Low carbon footprint while taking your office to increased productivity as well as improved business’s image.Here are 6 very basic yet efficient tips to create an environment friendly office.

1. Encourage Natural Light

A more open type of office allows more natural light to come in while reducing the use of electricity. To design an open space office, try to avoid adding the non required interior walls and aim to go for glass or glazed partitions that will let the light pass through. Go for big windows, with drapes or blinds instead of full cover heavy curtains.

While choosing the electric lighting for your office, make sure that you choose the energy-efficient choices such as LED lights. Some sustainable design elements such as time switches for your lights as this will not only help in reducing the use of energy but will also give your office a futuristic look.

2. Install Adequate Insulation

One of the super easy and economical ways to reduce the electricity consumption is by adding efficient and proper insulation all around your office. Most of the offices are very rarely fully occupied. So adding out individual thermostat or AC controllers to your office will allow your employees to adjust the cooling as per their needs and in summer, try to apply a more casual dress code that will help them in keeping cool without relying on the central cooling system.

3. Reuse and Recycle

Did you know that making even some small design changes can make some big differences. Offices can induce an efficient waste policy, which includes a centrally-located recycling area instead of individual trash cans, Using ceramic cups instead of plastic or paper cups, requesting employees to bring in their own reusable water bottles. Talking about furniture if it is no longer needed in your office, instead of throwing it donate it.

4. Decrease Water Usage

There are multiple ways to cut down the wastage of water usage in your office. You can install touch or push taps with some special fittings to adjust flow of water based on timings. You can also use simple water efficient toilets and urinals that discurs water automatic to decrease the waste water flow.

5. Revamp Printing Room

Before you hit that print button, ask yourself if the document is really required to print. In this digital world, you can simply share everything over an email and you can also store everything now online. So when you really need to have a document printed, just try to stock up on the recycled paper products.

6. Use Eco-Friendly Finishing Touches

Try to make sure that all your finishing materials such as carpet, paint are environment-friendly, sustainable and non-toxic. Also keep in mind that when it comes to office cleaning chemicals can damage the environment as well, so instead of using these chemical supplies stock up on the commercial green products instead.

Before you make any major changes, just ensure that you’re following all the possible regulatory requirements of your building plans, because these laws and regulations are there to keep your building secure. Following these standards are super important and following them from the beginning will reduce your carbon footprint as well.