6 Tips For Designing Greener Office Buildings

6 Tips For Designing Greener Office Buildings

By Ritika Bhagat

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6 Tips For Designing Greener Office Buildings

Wed, Sep 9, 2020

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Going green is a trending topic nowadays and it’s only going to trend more in upcoming years. There are numerous benefits of going green, including lowering the energy bills and carbon footprint. Here are six ways you can take your office toward a greener approach.

1. Encourage Using Natural Light

An open workspace approach will not only allow the flow of natural light into your office but will also reduce the usage of energy as well. In order to design an open space office, you will need to avoid using unnecessary interior walls and should opt for open layouts of your office.

While selecting the electric lightning for your office make sure that you choose the energy-efficient electronic devices like light bulbs and ACs. Try to use the sustainable design elements such as sensors and time switches that will shut down the devices and lights of your office after office hours automatically.

2. Choose Greener Products

Instead of buying out the new office supplies every time, try to buy the recyclable items that can be refurbished. Look for the durable and environmentally friendly products that are also sourced locally to prevent the excessive shipping costs. If you are considering buying wooden furniture try to find a used one as it will not only lower your costs but will also help the environment as well.

3. Reuse and Recycle

Making small and simple decorational design changes can make a big difference. You need to form an efficient waste policy, that’ll include the centrally-located recycling areas instead of using individual trash cans. Also replace the plastic and paper cups with ceramic mugs and ask your employees to bring in their own reusable water bottles as this can cut down the plastic usage dramatically. If you have office furniture that is no longer required. Instead of throwing it try to sell it or donate it so they can be reused.

 Reuse and Recycle

4. Decrease Water Usage

One of the major things that can help in greener office building is by cutting down the water usage. There are multiple ways to cut down the usage of water. Installing touch or push taps with some special fittings to adjust the timing of water flow along with water flow can put down the water usage dramatically. You can also use some other water-efficient toilets and urinals to help you conserve water even more effectively.

Decrease Water Usage

5. Efficient ventilation

While designing your office try to build an efficient ventilation system plan as an effective and efficient ventilation system is the main key for a green office. All of your employees deserve clean air. Try to make sure that you use low VOC certified materials for painting.

As an added bonus ventilation tip, try to add plants in your office to freshen up and purify the air. This will not only help you in building a greener office but will also help you in making your office more decorative.

6. Reduce your printing

Before someone in your office hits that “print” button they need to make sure that this print is uttermost necessary. In this digital world, you need to make sure that you should send most of your announcements over email and store files online. Only print out a document if it’s utterly required and always make sure that you print a document on both sides.

 Reduce your printing


Before you try to make any major changes to take your office to the green side of business make sure that you are following all the safety regulations of your building. These regulations are there to ensure the safety of your building. Following the above mentioned points will ensure that your business has a reduced carbon footprint and will help you in saving money in the long run as well.