5 tips to go Green in meetings

5 tips to go Green in meetings

By Ritika Bhagat

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5 tips to go Green in meetings

Thu, Aug 27, 2020

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‌‌Making the decision to take your meetings as green as possible is the first big step. But, the question here is how to begin. Here are the top 5 tips that can get you started with going green in meetings. Not only you will save on your resources but you will reduce the environmental impact of your business as well.

1. Prepare an environmental policy

‌‌You need to create an environmental policy especially based on your meeting and share it with everyone who is involved in your meetings like your management, suppliers, guests, presenters, and exhibitors.

2. Host a paperless event

‌Try as much as you can to eliminate or minimize the use of paper. Try sending out online invitations and online visitor management systems for singing in your guests. With the use of new technology, you can make your process and methods more streamlined as well as green.

3. Use recycled materials, reduce waste & recycle

Try buying the supplies that can be recycled on a later stage and try to avoid as much waste as you can, for example, if you host a paperless event and use digital registers and digital notepad. You can cut the paper waste tremendously. But, if you can’t opt in for everything digital make sure that all the material goes for recycling.

Use recycled materials

4. Reduce transport emissions**

‌‌If it is necessary for you to transport your guests and you can’t do that in a coach or bus try using vehicles that are with lower emissions or use hybrid vehicles. As they will reduce your transport emission.‌‌

5. Think global, act local

‌Try to work with local suppliers as much as possible and use the local products as likely you can. This will not only help you lower the transport charges of goods but will also help in controlling the emission of CO2 as well.