Touchless Visitor Management System for Hospitals

Healthcare facilities are more prone to security and operational risks due to their complex needs. They face major safety challenges due to large numbers of people in the form of employees, visitors, patients, and other people passing through entrances and sometimes queued up in corridors.

Making every visit count and to best serve every visitors’ needs is not an easy task. Especially in this time of coronavirus pandemic, it's really important to screen each and every visitor that comes into the hospital.

The Solution is a visitor management system for hospitals — a complete system for offices, clinics, and hospitals to enable your front desk to be fully ready and prepared to manage visitors through various screening processes, while keeping facilities, employees, and their data safe and secure.


Touchless Patient Check in Process

1 Touchless Check-In

Visitors use their smartphones for themselves check-ins without the help of any third person.Pre-registered visitors can sign in by scanning their QR code. Instead of using a tablet to allow visitors to check-in on their own. This will limit the potential spread of the virus when visitors use their hands to tap the screen.

2 Enter your details and capturing photo

After scanning the QR code a customized form will pop up. Just fill in the required details and submit the form to check-in.For enhanced security ask your visitor for a photo. Visitors can simply capture their photo with their mobile phone.

3 Health Screening Form

Once a visitor has submitted all the required details you can ask them to fill a Health Screening Form right on their mobile phone. This let’s you understand the health condition of your visitors.

4 Visitor e-Pass

After filling out all the required details visitors and employees will be issued an E-Pass which will let them enter the facility with ease.


Enable the highest standard of Safety and Compliance


Hospitals can add a COVID-19 screening questionnaire to their general visitor flow. Touchless Patient Check in will help in easily screening your visitors by asking them basic health-related questions. The screening form can be completely customized.


Contact tracing works more perfectly with an accurate visitor record including date, name, temperature, and Check-In time-stamping.


You can send an alert to your admins and hosts. To take action on the arrival of a possibly infected visitor and give them instructions as per the protocol.

How Vizitor can help you with Hospital Safety Amid the Coronavirus Outbreak?

Custom health screening

Vizitor allows healthcare screening questions verbally instead of using the tab. Creating custom fields relevant to health information about the visitor.

Digital Non Disclosure
Agreement (NDA’s)

We can send invitation emails to visitors with attached NDAs to sign in advance or other agreements that might include health and safety rules or precautions.


Alerts and Host Notification to hosts with crucial information about visitor's health, to take necessary precautions.


Vizitor allows you to trigger actions against visitors by displaying denied access messages. If a visitor is returning multiple times without any purpose you can put them in the blacklist.


Vizitor helps organizations be proactive through an emergency situation by providing visitors and hosts with important safety information during evacuation.

Data Security is our main concern. The customer database, financial information, and appointment history are protected by our military-grade infrastructure.

We provide you with 24/7 customer support. Get trouble-free experience with our round over chat, phone, email.

Upgrade your check-in process now and switch to Vizitor!

With a smart visitor management system, you can have an attractive welcome screen, add your brand logo, customized badges, with top security. The ultimate one-stop solution. For efficient management of visitors, try Vizitor!