Reception Management
System for Hospital

Hospitals have complex security and operational needs. Hospital premises serve hundreds and thousands of patients and their visitors every day. Managing these visitors and patients at the reception area with the paper-based system is tedious and nonsecure.

The reception management is one way to manage these visitors in the reception area. With technological advancement, reception management systems enable a contactless visitor check-in experience by replacing paper logbooks. This hospital reception software makes managing visitor check-ins easy and secure for Hospitals.


How can a digital Reception Management System help the Hospital reception area?

Many hospitals in India still use a paper-based system for managing visitors. The paper-based system makes it impossible to have solid and efficient reception management. Hospitals face security and operational challenges.

One such solution is digital visitor management software for hospitals to ensure security within the hospital facility is efficient. Replacing paper registers or semi-automated systems that need high-maintenance hardware, digital VMSs are the future.

However, its adoption across the healthcare industry, mainly in India, has yet to begin.


Managing Visitors

Since hospitals receive a lot of visitors daily, it becomes imperative for hospital security and facility managers to keep track of visitors daily.

A hospital reception software also recognizes different categories of visitors. It captures visitor’s data alongside visitor photos and standard details like email IDs within seconds.

With the help of such an efficient reception management system, hospitals can prevent unlawful activities on the premises. All records are accessible on a single dashboard and may be viewed realistically.

Another additional security measure you get with VMS is that the software is scalable to many locations. All these locations can be managed from one place or dashboard.

This doctor's visitor management system can assist you in scheduling appointments via the dashboard. You can also send alerts and notifications to the host and the visitor. Making the whole visitor process seamless.

It also can send alerts in an emergency like an earthquake or evacuation. You can notify all the visitors to vacate the building as soon as possible.


Improve your Hospital’s Brand and reputation

Having digital reception for hospitals at the front desk enables an automated check-in process. It eventually decreases the pressure of handling visitors and building the reputation and brand image of hospitals, which is essential for the highly competitive hospital industry.

A sound system can create mutual dependency and trust between the hospital management and visitors. Also, the system will impress visitors, which could directly or indirectly affect your brand reputation.

Visitors understand that your hospital is more concerned about visitor security and hospital management.


Improve Work Efficiency and Patient Satisfaction

According to a recent survey, 45% of individuals prefer a VMS for their organization to enhance work efficiency.

A sophisticated reception management app has advanced self-service functions.

This system helps patients or attendants recognize someone who shouldn't be there. It makes patients feel more in control and happier with their care.

The QR code-based visitor ID within the hospital reception software gives a seamless check-in experience for the visitors.

The self-registration efficiently handles significantly pre-registered visitors and can reduce the manual check-ins receptionists take.

How does the reception management system provide security at the hospital reception area


Vizitor allows healthcare screening questions verbally rather than using the tab. It helps in Creating custom fields relevant to health information about the visitor.

Digital Non-Disclosure
Agreement (NDA’s)

You can send invitation emails to visitors with attached NDAs to check in advance or other agreements, including health and safety rules


Send notifications to hosts with information about visitors' health and travel history, requiring necessary precautions. The visitor management system for doctor offices alerts the host about the infected person.

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