On an average, the reception desk officer receives approximately ₹201,656 in India, The corresponding figures for front desk officer salaries are $44,321 in the US and $32,841 in Australia. However, you know that you can actually cut down these numbers by utilising the multiple features of visitor management system.

Yes! With a visitor management system, you can efficiently manage your reception without worrying about a visitor's lines.

So what is the need for a visitor management software for your business? Read on to see how a modern visitor management system can help you save more without affecting efficiency and productivity.

Fewer Cost and Less paper usage

A recent article in Wired about the paperless office cites some interesting statistics worth repeating here:

  • One billion photocopies are made every day according to Forrester Research.
  • The amount of paper produced by the average company is growing annually by 25% according to Gartner.

A digital visitor management system eliminates the use of pen, paper and computer ink. This means more savings for your company. Ultimately, you also join in helping save trees, the environment and reducing your carbon footprint.

Improving Security

In the past, a front desk officer welcomed visitors entering your premise. Despite doing their best, there are times when visitors still end up in a queue. This leads to the need for additional receptionist assistance to attend to them.

Hiring of another receptionist just for this purpose may not be necessary. With a visitor management system, you can simply prompt visitors to check-in using the iPad at the front desk.

Even without a physical receptionist attending to their needs, visitors can easily log themselves in and alert you of their arrival.


Visitor management systems make your front desk more efficient without any need of another receptionist. This helps your business and organisation save money on additional staff.

Easy Accessibility To Visitors Records

In today’s time no one wants to sit down and input data from a paper visitor book into an excel spreadsheet.  Now that your visitor management system data is stored in the cloud, you can get ease from spending hours of sifting through piles of paperwork just to search for information.

The visitor management software automatically retains visitor information, allowing for fast and convenient visitor tracking. Now it makes searching visitor history and exporting reports easier. It also helps in improving your business security while protecting you against theft and other costly risks.

Increase in Workplace Productivity With Less Distractions

In an article by Udemy, it was revealed that when workplace distractions are reduced, whether through training or policies, 75% of employees are more productive, 57% have increased motivation, and 49% are overall happier at work.

Through with visitor management software, your reception staff can focus on their work without getting distracted. It assists your front desk officer as people can sign-in on their own via the visitor management system and instantly notify hosts.


Today's modern office should implement a visitor management system. Selecting the right one is important. In the meantime, you can have a quick look at our own visitor management software –Vizitor, who has been an excellent in managing your visitors.