Convert Time Easily : Hours, Minutes to Decimals with Vizitor

Convert Time Easily : Hours, Minutes to Decimals with Vizitor

By Ritika Bhagat

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Convert Time Easily : Hours, Minutes to Decimals with Vizitor

Sun, Feb 25, 2024

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Calculating and managing employee time can be a complex task, especially when converting hours and minutes into decimal format for payroll or attendance records. But worry not! Vizitor, your trusted visitor management system, also offers comprehensive attendance management features to streamline this process.

Why is Time Conversion Important?

Time conversion holds significant importance in various aspects of business and workforce management. Primarily, it ensures fairness and accuracy in compensating employees for their labor. By accurately converting time worked into monetary compensation, businesses uphold transparency and build trust with their workforce, fostering a positive work environment. Moreover, adherence to labor laws and regulations is paramount for legal compliance and avoiding potential liabilities. Accurate time conversion enables businesses to comply with laws governing minimum wage, overtime pay, and other labor-related regulations, thereby mitigating risks of legal disputes or penalties.

Accurate time conversion ensures:

Fair compensation: Employees are paid correctly for their time worked.

Compliance: Adherence to labor laws and regulations.

Improved efficiency: Saves time and minimizes manual calculations.

Converting Time with Vizitor:

Vizitor’s attendance management system simplifies time conversion by offering:


Automatic time tracking: Employees clock in and out using intuitive tools like mobile apps or kiosks.

Real-time visibility: Track employee attendance and time worked in real-time through an easy-to-use dashboard.

Detailed reports: Generate comprehensive reports with detailed times, including hours, minutes, and even seconds, for accurate payroll calculations and analysis.

No need for manual calculations! Vizitor automatically converts time worked into the decimal format, saving you valuable time and eliminating the risk of errors.

Beyond Time Conversion:

Vizitor goes beyond just time conversion with its other features:

Touchless Attendance With Vizitor’s QR System: Vizitor’s employee management system stands as India’s sole touchless platform offering QR-based attendance. By utilizing the GPS, it assesses both your current location and the designated office location. Only when your location aligns with that of your office can you mark your attendance.

Improve Your Employees’ Time Habits: Tracking policies are crucial for shaping employee time habits. Admins can check total working hours, clock-in/out times, and view individual employee calendars. Employees can also check and track their working hours.

Efficient and Personalized Leave Approval Workflows: Give authority to specific individuals to approve time off requests and arrange replacements. Junior employees can ask their senior counterparts for time off. They can approve, reject, or leave the request pending. Customize the system to handle delays, receive notifications, and accommodate many approval stages.

Simplify Your Schedule with Effortless Shift Planning: Vizitor’s employee shift management simplifies the handling of various shift patterns in your company. It can manage both rotating and fixed shifts with customized options. The system efficiently handles round-the-clock 24/7 shifts and assigns them to employees as needed.

Powerful Analytics For Executives and Employees: Vizitor provides rich analytics and dashboards for employees and managers. It offers valuable information and insightful dashboards tailored to their specific needs. It’s designed to serve the entire workforce. The admin can check employees’ attendance performance. Employees can also check their own leave and working hours. It’s designed to serve the entire workforce.

Efficiently manage Holidays: Vizitor’s employee management system efficiently handles holidays. Admins can add or delete holidays, while employees can view the holiday dashboard. Simplify your holiday management with the best attendance and holiday management system.

Vizitor simplifies attendance management and time conversion for businesses of all sizes.

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