The Best Features of Facility Management System

The Best Features of Facility Management System

By Ritika Bhagat

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The Best Features of Facility Management System

Thu, May 21, 2020

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The facility is the heart of every business. Every business wants to take care of their facility, right? So there is one way to take care of the facility that is the Facility Management System.

**So many questions arise in your mind. What is a facility management system? Why do we need this system? What are the features of the Facility Management system? **So let’s discuss the Answer to these questions.

The Facility Management (FM) system is a maintenance management system that focuses on the maintenance of an organization’s facility rather than its assets. The goal of this system is to help you manage your space, building, and occupant more efficiently .

Facility Management platforms offer you a range of options for a comprehensive list of everything that they can do. You won’t need every feature offered, so we’ve compiled a facility management checklist to help you identify your requirements and get organized in your search for facilities management software .

Facility management tools are generally getting smarter, more integrated, and more advanced.

They can help save businesses money by minimizing energy use, optimizing space, and boosting employee productivity. It can help to decide which features you want to prioritize in your search for software. Consider how the following features could help manage your facility.

Asset Management

Asset management features are dedicated to making sure you’re getting the best ROI out of each physical asset of the company.

They measure things like asset operating costs and productivity. They may track assets’ locations within a facility, report on how and when each asset is used, and suggest scheduling of maintenance and upgrades. They may also allow managers to set priorities for asset maintenance so property managers understand what’s important.

Data from asset management features can help managers make strategic decisions, such as how to spend the facility budget and plan the facility layout.

Maintenance Management

We know the importance of maintenance management in a company. When a company poorly maintains resources so they can bring operations to a halt, and could cause the company to lose money. Maintenance management is maintaining the resources for the production proceeds effectively and there is no money wasted on inefficacy.

There are many software programs that help the maintenance process, and there are some few objectives that the company should seek to accomplish. These objectives are to control efficiency, cost, work schedule and to ensure that the company complies with all regulations.

Maintenance management software usually handles the following:

  • Maintenance Planning and scheduling
  • Maintaining and creating a Work Order Properly
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Organizing  Material Management
  • Maintain the Cost Calculation

Work Order and Scheduling Management

When the work order is created, then the work order management begins to process. Work order management to get things done properly. This can be done through a number of channels, like a mobile system. With these systems, some types of work orders, such as preventative maintenance and fixed tasks, are triggered automatically

The work order management process is then controlled by the workflow, which is based on the type of work to be performed. Like using workflow options, additions such as planning, actions are taken.

Preventive maintenance is maintenance that is regularly performed on a piece of equipment. It does not break down unexpectedly until the equipment is working. Scheduled PM tracking automates scheduling, email alerts, and other tracking features to keep your preventive maintenance on task.

  • Work Order Creation, Evaluation, priority, automation

  • User-friendly Portal and  Dashboards

  • Automatic Notifications

  • Automated PM Tracking and scheduling

  • Automated PM Scheduling

  • Drag and Drop Interface with attached file and upload photos

  • Upload Photos and File Attachments

  • Automatic Email, Alerts and Reminders Notifications

Asset and Space Management

Keeping track of all the spaces and equipment in your facility is very important. Being able to overlay standard operating procedures, spatial data, and asset data on the respective floors keeps everything easily accessible. Think of asset mapping software - you’d pin a specific location (in this instance, on a floor plan) and instead of a pin is a place on a geographical map, on a floor plan.  Your facilities with pins that show where virtually everything is located and documented and saving tons of time. Space management is the management of spaces – control and supervision of the physical spaces a business or organization occupies. Space management is simple in concept yet far more complicated in practice. If your asset is your space, you need ways to manage it efficiently.

  • Space Planning and scheduling

  • Facility Scheduling Management

  • Space and site Utilization Dashboards

  • GPS Location Interface

  • Interactive Floor Plans and site management

QR Code Scanning

In the digital world, every person carries a smartphone around regularly. So it should come as no surprise when we say that facility management software should be mobile friendly. But beyond playing good with phones, when maintaining your facility, minimize unnecessary trips to the maintenance office because you can be accessed and updating your data right where you stand. All you have to do is a point and click, and your phone scans the QR code placed on the building asset, bringing up that asset’s full profile details within this software.

Capital Planning Tool management

This is very frustrating that not knowing about where most of your time, money, and resources have been spent day in and day out. With facility management software, having total documentation of work orders completed, assets fixed or replaced, and preventative maintenance hours waiting to be completed, facility managers can accurately paint a picture to leadership to explain what future funds they will need and whether they will need any additional headcount to get the job done.

Visitor Management

Visitor management system provides a few features of facility management programs. Visitor management software manages and controls the visitors and employees in your workplace in a digital way. This system provides a digital check-in process, issuing ID badges,pre-registration for visitors. These programs offer many features to the visitors and facilities of the company.

  • Customizable Check-in

  • Visitor dashboard

  • Badge printing

  • Host Notifications

  • Pre-registration

  • Security and Compliance

  • Multi-device management

Movement Management

Movement Management allows companies to track what assets it owns, where they are located when it is checked out, when it is due for return, when it is scheduled for maintenance, and the cost of each asset. Move management systems identify the best moving schedules and routes, and track things like cost, documents, and assets with the move.

  • Movement Tracking

  • Movement Scheduling

  • Automated Notifications

  • Automated Workflows

  • Mobile Access

There are also many features of facility management software that have been designed for property managers. These programs handle multiple properties.


There are features that are available as lighter-weight, SaaS programs that can still make a big difference in your operations without the need for a huge investment.

For example, **Vizitor**is a web-based visitor management system that offers everything from Digital check-in, badge printing, robust reports. Keep is an example of a program that specializes primarily in work orders and maintenance schedule.

There are many web-based applications that may offer better usability with shorter times. They provide high productivity at a low cost. Before you make an investment, taking advantage of free trials of any software program. You can find the best software for your company at an affordable cost and enhance the efficiency of the facilities of your company.