Is Any Free Visitor Management System Really Exist in the Market?

Is Any Free Visitor Management System Really Exist in the Market?

By Ritika Bhagat

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Is Any Free Visitor Management System Really Exist in the Market?

Thu, Feb 27, 2020

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I was asked recently if we could provide our visitor management solution free, that is the customer did not have to pay for the solution. Free is great for many things but always comes at a cost.

When we get a free ice cream at the local restaurant after ordering any meal after paying some bucks. The free ice cream really gets us going.

I was sent a link to a free Visitor Management system and I was asked what I think of the product. Just like when I was asked about the visitor management solution for multiple locations I simply stopped for a moment and completed some research.

While researching this article, I was able to find some of the free visitor management systems. Digging deeper into google search, we soon realised that there were many tools presenting themselves as free visitor management systems.

Understanding the Visitor Management System

A visitor management system is not only digitisation of a physical visitor log books. It is certainly a better approach to managing workplace safety. The primary problem that the visitor management system tries to solve is workplace safety. It allows organisations to have real-time access of the visitors.

The system should also have smart functions to identify visitors, who are not allowed in the building and alert respective security personnel. Some of the free software talks about security or has features that ensure workplace safety.

Need of Visitor Management System

1. Proactivity

• Security has been a major concern these days. A lot of buildings have been plagued with crimes like thefts and vandalism. Although offices and corporate buildings have incorporated best of their efforts to put a break on these, yet they aren’t completely successful!

• With the significant rise in malicious activities, the organizations are becoming more committed towards creating a safe and secure workplace. It is due to this that the manual entry books are getting replaced by digitized visitor management systems.

• A visitor management system empowers your security officials by letting them know about the expected visitors and, therefore, allowing only the right people in. Moreover, the data so recorded is permanently stored in your database and easily accessible too.

• The details entered in the manual entry books might not be clear or unreliable or visitors may forget to check out while returning. Also, there are fair chances that these books can be altered. Additionally, each of your visitors gets to know about all the persons that have visited your premise.

2. Cost Effectiveness

A pen-and-paper visitor management system may seem to save you money in the short-term, but it drains your profits in the long run. Without an best visitor management system, your business is left open to risks.

Having the capability to track suspicious patterns, ensure compliance, and prevent incidents contributes to reduced costs. By reducing the frequency of incidents, compliance risks, and can significantly boost your ROI.

3. Free Visitor Management System Features

In the modern world, Security has become a major concern for every organization, Public Sectors, Corporate Offices, Schools, Residential Complexes etc. The level of Security needs might differ but effectively Security Management is the need of the day. A visitor who is stranger to the establishment needs monitoring from a security perspective. Get started today with the new free trial of Vizitor, Check out pricing plans now.

• 100 Check-ins per month

• Email Notifications (To Host and Visitor)

• Pre-registration

• Multi-location support and many more…

Finding a visitor management solution that meets all of those requirements sounds great,  but we have the solution for you right here. It’s the Vizitor and it’s the perfect way to ensure you’re making the right first impression with your reception. Try it for free for 15 days and see the transformation for yourself!


The organization hasn’t yet experienced compliance issues or incidents due to an outdated visitor management system. Regardless, visitor management software is a safety and compliance requirement for any surveillance team. Visitor management needs to be more than a logbook. Rather, it should provide visibility, enable compliance, and facilitate communication with receptionist and security staff. Add a visitor management system to your compliance, risk, and incident management playbook to protect your business more effectively.