How to go paperless in the office in 2020: 5 solutions

How to go paperless in the office in 2020: 5 solutions

By Ritika Bhagat

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How to go paperless in the office in 2020: 5 solutions

Wed, Sep 2, 2020

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This is the digital era, but even among the advancement of internet technologies, paper usage is still on the rise. When we use less paper then we also save our time.As per a recent survey: employees can lose as much as 40% of their time looking for paper files. And approximately 20% of print jobs are never even retrieved from printers.That doesn’t just result in lots of unnecessary waste; it also leaves sensitive data exposed to any visitors. With the latest tech readily available to us, now is the time to break free from our paper dependency

How to go paperless using online technology ?

By using less paper we can make our planet a more sustainable place.With a paperless office,You can introduce company-wide initiatives to discourage printing , boost reusing and recycling habits. You have to start at your front desk. By implementing a visitor management system , you can get the benefit of replacing paper forms, sign-in sheets, legal agreements, and more at the front desk. This is the best way to reduce the paperwork.

Below are 5 ways to go paperless in the office with a best VMS solution like Vizitor.

1. Use note-taking apps instead of papers.

Now take notes digitally.

  • Doing it the digital way means, use notebooks piling up on your desk.

  • We can take digital notes and also share them across different platforms.

  • We can do this from many devices, add users to edit.

2. Use apps to capture business cards.

  • It’s easy to forget about business cards so use a mobile app to capture the cards.

  • Visiting conferences and networking events can leave you with a huge stack of them - an ever-growing pile of paper clutter.

  • Use OCR technology, which makes it easy for you to quickly scan and store a business card on your smartphone.

3. Use cloud-sharing and instant messaging apps to store the data

  • Social media apps have allowed people to communicate more easily across the globe.

  • This, combined with improvements in efficiency and productivity across organizations.

  • Similarly use solid tools like slack that have enabled employees to communicate with each other in real-time.

  • You can go even further by saving actual space, replacing filing cabinets with a digital file-sharing system.

4. Implement task and project management apps

  • Managing tasks is a part of an employee’s daily routine so manage them digitally.

  • Use project management tools to track roadmaps and deliverables, and even allocate responsibilities across multiple devices and platforms.

5. Goodbye printed agreements, hello digital agreements.

  • We can now ditch printed legal documents and agreements by using tools like Adobe sign and DocuSign to digitize them.

  • This, of course, cuts down on paper usage and speeds up the process for customers.

  • You can also manage and secure NDAs and other legal documents using visitor management solutions like Vizitor.

In conclusion,the advances in smart technology can make the switch to a paperless office not only doable but easy.As we know creating a paper-free office is an ongoing process, one which should be adapted and perfected over time.This is the time to implement some digital tools to show your team how effective they can be in achieving your paperless goals, all while improving productivity.