A well-designed and well-implemented digital visitor management system can provide numerous advantages to your company. A visitor management system (vms) is a solution that allows organizations to streamline and automate their visitor management process, using technology to monitor, track, and record visitor information.

Visitor Management is important to deliver the best visitor experience, enhance workplace safety and efficiency. Appropriate visitor management can prevent you from breaking and lead you to a better chance of winning a sale.

Importance and need of visitor management system!

The goal of using a visitor management system is to provide not only a great first impression to visitors and employees, but also to provide the right tools for the Facilities Manager and your reception staff to manage visitors without putting in extra effort.

Technology, security, communication, and analytics are all combined in the visitor management system. Without significantly altering your workflow or adding more processes and headaches to your daily work tasks. The key is a simple visitor management system that is flexible, customizable, and integrates with your existing software.

Benefits of using the visitor management system at the workplace!

  • Accuracy: There is a high degree of precision associated with a visitor management software. Be it through ID scanning or a person typing into predefined fields of data, the overall system is easier to manage and more accurate than a manual visitor logbook.
  • Faster registration process: Instead of taking the time to fill out all of the columns in a visitor log book, a visitor management system speeds up the entire process. Pre-invites allow visitors to scan pre-filled details to check-in. This prevents long queues in the reception and ensures faster visitor registration process.
  • Touchless check -ins: The visitor management system uses touchless procedures to automate your visitor check-in process. This is a component of workplace safety that clearly communicates your commitment to safety. With temperature screening, and QR code scanning, the visitor management system allows for touchless visitor check-in.
  • Appropriate identification: You need to ensure that only authenticated visitors are seen in the office or building premises.When guests sign in, Vizitor automatically prints detailed visitor badges. Visitors badges of high quality are printed instantly to identify them on your organization's premises.
  • Ensures legal compliance: NDAs signing is required for visitors to get access to your office facility. Get digital signatures and avoid frustrating guests with complex workflows. Keep critical business data secure.
  • Reduces cost overheads: Such visitor management software comes with powerful features and robust technology that helps automate the check-in process. The visitor management system can easily scale with your growth and also continue to provide incredible value in the long run. Vizitor makes these systems more feasible and affordable alternatives to paper-based visitor management.
  • Compliance: The manual process of collecting, managing, and erasing data necessitates techniques and experience, which may result in a single point of failure. Adopting a simple visitor management system is a better option for managing visitor data legally and easily staying compliant.


Replacing the paper-based visitor registration process with a digital visitor management system can do wonders for your office facility and make the lives of your office administration and security staff much simpler and more importantly offer better guest registration experience for your guests. Vizitor enhances office security, ensure legal compliance, make visitor registration and management process seamless and so much more.