How a virtual receptionist can change the way your company/hotel/office/school work

How a virtual receptionist can change the way your company/hotel/office/school work

By Ritika Bhagat

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How a virtual receptionist can change the way your company/hotel/office/school work

Sat, Aug 10, 2019

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In this digital era, customers expect easy service and communication. But the staff of the companies doesn’t have enough time to accomplish their mountain of tasks. They are spending most of the time on the check-in and checkout process. To offer exceptional customer service to your visitors, you need a virtual receptionist at your front desk.

With a virtual receptionist, you give your customers a way to get in touch with you, absolutely any time of the day. How? Your virtual receptionist software check-in and checkout process of your visitors, manages the visitor data and make sure that no leads are missed. There is a visitor management system as a receptionist that manages your receptionist tasks itself.

Benefits of virtual receptionist for your office:-

Enhanced Customer Experience

Customer support

Vizitor is the best choice as a virtual receptionist because it not only enables automated contactless guest check-in but also increases the customer experience. Returning visitors can utilize express registration, by providing just their telephone number or email address leaving the greater part of the registration procedure aside. It elevates the customer experience.

Multilingual services

Vizitor is a Multilingual software so the visitors can translate the software into different languages based on their choice. A multilingual virtual receptionist will increase customer trust and satisfaction by providing a language your customers understand.

Outstanding customer service

A virtual receptionist eliminates the interaction with the other person. Visitors can check-in by their smartphones without any help. Visitors can pre-register themselves before arriving at the workplace and simply check-in by using the QR code.

Happy customers

When you streamline your customer experience and start saving their time, then they will be happy. When they feel no need to stand in the queues to register themself then, they will like your welcome process.

#Manage the visitors

Manage customer data and secure data

Your virtual receptionist maintains a record of your visitors with their entry and exit time at the workplace. Many companies today aren’t doing enough about security, particularly companies with open office spaces. Virtual receptionists can create wonders by providing you an advanced level of security. A visitor management system helps to take action against the challenges related to information security, visitor privacy, and regulatory compliance.

Schedule appointments

When walking a visitor out you can quickly schedule meetings and appointments. Additionally, this software helps companies’ record rooms and asset utilization. Today’s smart offices are flexible environments so you’ll analyze which spaces you would like more of and which are used less and may afford to be transformed.

#Reduced Expenses with this system

Quality at lower costs

Vizitor cuts down the cost and pain of data maintenance. People should use a virtual receptionist for different kinds of purposes because this software is specifically developed to help out people in maintaining everything properly and effectively. The visitor management system can be used by people for different kinds of service.

Affordable services

Because you don’t have to pay a salary to your virtual receptionist, then your cost will be saved. A virtual receptionist offers quality services at a low cost.

#Greater Flexibility

Flexible system

If you choose a virtual receptionist to manage the visitors,then this system is more flexible than others. It doesn’t matter if it’s a holiday or if it’s close to business hours. A virtual receptionist will offer flexible services round the clock.

24*7 support

Virtual receptionists are available throughout the day, especially if they come from a different time zone. You can enjoy your vacation and rest assured business will be on as usual.

#Improved Productivity

Enhancement of the productivity

When every manual work is converted into digital. Then lots of time will be saved which can be used on other work to enhance productivity at the workplace.

No distractions

When there is no distraction, then your reception staff works well then this way the productivity of the office’ increases. This translates to more work done in a day and higher staff productivity.

#Positive Brand Image

Great first impression

In business as in life, first impressions matter. When visitors come into your office,then they feel warm welcome and they have not waited in the queue for the registration. So this way Visitor Software also leaves a professional first impression on your guests.

Improve brand image

Vizitor as a virtual receptionist installed helps you in having a modernized reception which further enhances company branding. Even if your company is short of space for the reception, it’s not a thing to worry about! Vizitor also ensures that your customers aren’t kept waiting for a long time, so that there are very rare chances of the overcrowded reception area. It allows the authorities to personalize interface design with welcome messages and brand logos on up front. This improves the overall customer experience and gives out the opportunity to enhance your brand image.

Wrapping Up!!

If you’re a small or large business looking to grow, you’ll need a virtual receptionist (visitor management system) — with the virtual receptionist system managing visitors at your workplace and providing high-level security to your workplace. Choose a virtual receptionist who knows your business well.