All That You Need To Know About The Latest Features Of Online Visitor Management System

All That You Need To Know About The Latest Features Of Online Visitor Management System

By Ritika Bhagat

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All That You Need To Know About The Latest Features Of Online Visitor Management System

Thu, Apr 4, 2019

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Organizations whether private or government, big or small want their workspace to be safe and secure. Such organisations have employees and visitors on a daily basis. Anybody visiting the office except for the employees is known to be a visitor. Usually, visitors visit the organisation to meet a person, or for an interview or for some other purpose. Keeping a track of these visitors and identifying them is important, which is why most of the organisations these days use the visitor tracking software. Choosing a good visitor management system is extremely important, for the safety of the premises.

Features to look for in visitor management software

Choosing the best visitor management system software India, so these are a few must-have features that businesses and organisations must look out for while choosing one.

● Biometric- Proper identification is a must in places where the number of visitors is large like military compounds, theme parks, government offices and district courts and offices. Book registration is an old and obsolete form of logging in details, as it cannot provide the right details. Visitor management software with biometrics is a perfect fit for such secured and highly populated areas. With biometrics, the details of the visitor can be easily logged in using the fingerprint; the process takes a few seconds. Tracking software like this can easily detect new visitors.

● Cloud- Saving visitor details in paper-sheet is a task in itself, an easy solution to this problem is the cloud. A cloud bases system allows the visitors to enter their detail, which it automatically stores. Also, the paper-based log system is not quite safe and secure, there is no privacy and anybody can access the data. On the contrary, a cloud-based system is quite secure and nobody except for the authorities can access its information. Also, with a cloud-based system the data can be accessed from anywhere around the world.

● Blacklist option- Manual systems are not trustworthy and there are high chances of fraud being committed. However, biometric visitor management software is capable enough to identify such frauds. It can identify culprits as it has fingerprints and iris stored in the data, so there is no chance of forgery taking place. Whenever an unwanted visitor enters the system, it would deny access.

● Customizable- All organisations are different from each other, some are small and some are big, some are public and some are private. As all the originations are different it is important to choose a system that is customizable. A customizable system is capable of meeting all the needs of an organisation and is relatively less expensive.

Check for these features while looking for management software for your organisation, do proper research and then buy the best one.

Visitor management software should not only be able to protect an organisation’s privacy, but it should also be able to create an impression in front of the visitors.