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Best Queue Management System in India

Reduce Wait Times, Boost Customer Satisfaction & Increase Profits

Vizitor is India's leading provider of innovative queue management and self-service kiosk systems. We empower businesses to streamline customer flow, improve waiting experiences, and ultimately, drive growth.


Here's what sets Vizitor apart

  • Measurable Results: We deliver a 40% reduction in customer wait times, a 35% reduction in operational costs, and an 18% increase in customer satisfaction.
  • Seamless Customer Experience:Our system offers self-check-in, automatic service assignment, real-time updates, and intuitive navigation. This creates a calm and efficient waiting room environment.
  • Enhanced Staff Efficiency: Automated notifications, customer segmentation, and a real-time dashboard empower your staff to manage queues effectively, leading to increased service capacity.
  • Data-Driven Optimization: Vizitor integrates features that reduce administration costs, improve customer-employee interactions, and optimize service capacity.

Benefits of Vizitor Queue Management System

  • Improved Customer Experience: Reduce wait times, provide real-time updates, and offer self-check-in options.
  • Increased Efficiency: Automate staff assignment, track customer flow in real-time, and optimize service delivery.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Streamline staff department changes, manage visitor transfers, and automatically reset department numbers.
  • Data Insights & Analytics: Gain valuable customer data for personalization and track visitor trends to continuously improve.

The Vizitor Queue Management System Workflow

  • The visitor arrives and proceeds to the QMS counter.
  • QMS employee generates a token for the desired department.
  • Department staff receives a notification of the visitor's arrival.
  • Department staff accepts the visitor's request.
  • (Optional) Visitors can be transferred to the correct department if needed.
  • Visitor proceeds to the assigned counter and completes their visit.

Key Features of Vizitor Queue Management System:

Make your check-in process easier with smart and automated features.

Department Creation & Management

Manage multiple departments and assign staff efficiently.

Real-Time Notifications

Staff receive instant alerts when new visitors arrive in their department.

Visitor Request Acceptance

Streamline the process by allowing staff to accept visitor requests.

Counter Details Notification

Keep visitors informed with real-time notifications about their assigned counter.

Department Transfer

Easily transfer visitors to the correct department for a smooth experience.

Automatic Department Reset

System automatically resets department numbers each night for a fresh start.

Customizable Reporting

Gain valuable insights with customizable reports on visitor data, staff performance, and department statistics.

Ready to Experience the Power of Vizitor?

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