Visitor tracking system

At your premises, you may be liable for taking excellent care or to mention it exactly managing your guests. If so, you need to understand at all times where there, and why they're there. Who within the company are they visiting? How often they come? How long are their designated visits? Let the visitor tracking system give you a full-featured visitor tracking system.

Visitor tracking should not be a troublesome method. Vizitor, visitor tracking system keeps things straightforward by permitting you to customize simply the options you wish while still gathering all the knowledge necessary to secure your facility. Whether it's merely grouping names of visitors that come by or a lot of advanced security needs requiring confirmed appointments, background checks, and signed agreements, it can all be handled fleetly and simply.

Vizitor is the premier computer code for visitor tracking. inform hosts once their guests have arrived, allow them to pre-register visits using the online Registration module. The visitor watch list can be generated within the case of an emergency. It also let you screen visitors at the time of registration.

The advantages Vizitor brings to your visitor tracking system so much outweigh anything else on the market nowadays. The visitor tracking system has designed an answer that's versatile enough to satisfy the variable desires of recent businesses whereas keeping the user interface quick and straightforward to use, creating even self-service kiosks a viable answer for your visitor management wants.

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Key Features

Always know exactly who is at your facility

Create custom badges to visually distinguish visitors and easily track their locations

Pre-register visitors in our tracking system to save time upon arrival

Track and view visitor information, using the built-in visitor lookup system

Visitor tracking software is for better management of the guests that visit for some work. The process is not easy. The Prominent features that it should serve:

Impress Your Visitors

Any entrant develops a particular impression within the first few seconds of getting into your premises. With a visitor tracking system, set up a hassle-free and hospitable atmosphere.

Empower Your Administration

Gain visibility of all visitor movement, change compliance and facilitate communication with admin & security groups, staff as well as visitors whereas easing your overall efforts.

Optimize Your Efficiency

Maximize your front desk’s potency by permitting the receptions to figure on different vital projects while your visitors sign themselves in

Secure Your Premises

Put acceptable security measures in place to protect your business & your individuals, no matter what kind of premises you operate from.

Manage Seamless Integrations

Seamlessly integrate with different libraries.The visitor tracking system is totally protractible. we have a tendency to modify each feature to outfit your individual development workflow and feature desires.

Enjoy Our Support

Our customers are the lifeblood of our business. With Zero client churn, we have a tendency to boast of delighting shoppers with the proper help at the right time

Beyond Visitor Management

Get the most out of the visitor tracking system offering. With our in-depth understanding of enterprise wants, we at Vizitor have a tendency to modify visitor tracking system as per your needs to attain way more than just managing your visitors.

Visitor tracking systems not only focus on tracking but also consider management as a key point. With these you can seamlessly check-in, than traditional ways of registering the customers at the reception that involves the use of paper logs and unreliable hefty registers under the direction of a security person. With the use of visitor management systems at the doorstep you'll be able to seamlessly check-in the arrival of multiple guests in little time without any external help or oversight of security personnel. This improves client experience, employees productivity to attend more customers without compromising a bit in terms of security.

Not only this, you can send invitations & pre-register, with the latest technology of visitor management the authorities can send invites to the expected customers on their registered devices. This saves the registration time of the client and therefore the worker appointed will even interact to avoid any confusion. Visitor tracking systems help the business owners and authorities to focus on other vital tasks that ultimately improves their productivity.

Visitor management systems are the systems that help out individuals in maintaining records and information of the persons who enter the location and additionally keeps records of those who are the members of the workplace or company. the first purpose that management systems were launched was to urge individuals out from the untidy and exhausting work. These are the systems that are much more effective in registering the check-in and check-out of the individuals properly and that facilitate in safeguarding all the knowledge, information and records of the individuals.

What are the benefits of these systems?

There are numerous advantages, they're mentioned below:


These systems facilitate in tracking visitors throughout the positioning premises.

These systems send all the notification to the host bodies.

These systems permit the host bodies to send messages to the individuals regarding any kind of event or programs

These apps keep all the data safe and secured.

These visitor tracking systems like Vizitor are some should-have systems that companies and organizations must look out while upgrading their workplace visitor management processes.

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