Visitor Management System

Visitor security and compliance protocols have increased exponentially, for the business to be taken care of. Across the globe, organizations are evaluating the best possible measures to automate visitor management.

Visitor Management Systems today provides a variety of tasks around visitor data, security, and compliance requirements for the enterprise. It contributes to the efficiency and safety of an organization by focusing on visitor flows and performing in-depth analytics based on the visitors data.

The Rise of Visitor Management System

Be it small and medium-sized or extremely large multinational corporations, there are an abundance of visitors who visit every day for business consultations and meetings. It thus became more or less to monitor these visitors.

This gave rise to Visitor Management. It is a system by which an organization records and tracks the walk-in visitors.

For example, a student heading in for an interview at a renowned company may be asked to enter specific details such as name, phone number, person to visit, and reason to visit at the reception. This is Visitor Management.

Visitor management software is digital implementations of Visitor Management – using tablets and mobile applications - involving a lot more features, such as photo capturing and printing, automatic host notification, etc.

Need of VMS in UAE Market

Visitor Management Systems in UAE help businesses of all sizes with fully customized software solutions. The Visitor Management System maintains information on all aspects of visitors’ right from their company / personal details, demographic details, contact details, photo, and visit details.

Create a great first impression by providing a smooth visitor experience with smart office technology.

Automate your front desk to efficiently receive and track visitors, deliveries and documents.

Improve security and prevent corporate threats in your organization Implications include existence of duplicate or fake identities, unauthorized access of visitors.

Generate Detailed Visitor Reports, Access Digital Logs and gain Insights from Visitor Analytics

Some of the Key Vendors included

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Importance of Visitor Access Management System

To limit the access of some visitors.

Some visitors should have access to specific areas, offices and lobby in the building.

Some visitors are for short duration, whereas others can stay for days or weeks.

Keep a track of Unknown and unmonitored visitors

In addition, the security is expected to keep track of all the visitors and the equipment they carry. Any lapse can compromise security and safety of physical, intellectual and human assets. No wonder, managing visitors’ access is challenging for most organizations.

Having a proper visitor access management system is equally important as having a physical access control system at your premises.

Key Features

The visitor management system is capable of accomplishing a variety of tasks. Some of them are as follows:

Visitor Registration

One of the basic features of a visitor entry tool, the system should record vital personal information about the visitor before they enter the site. Name, address, telephone number, email ID, etc. Data can be subsequently used for re-registration purposes as well.

Host Notifications

Allowing a host to be informed of a visitor’s arrival in advance. This streamlines any preparations for meetings scheduled, while the visitor loses minimal time.

Photo capturing

Capturing a visitor’s photo for immediate use is critical in some multinational companies. This facilitates immediate ID verification, for security purposes.

Cloud-based System

Storing on a cloud provides enhanced security and ensures that it can be accessed without degradation loss, while also increasing the security of sensitive visitor information.

Badge Printing

Printing a badge requires tools such as a printer. They consist of all vital information for authentication by security.

Data analysis and reporting dashboard

Data dashboards of visitor management software provide trends and actionable insights. These can be turned into visible process improvements on the lobby floor.

Access Control

Administrative access to sensitive visitor data and processing reports must be made available only to a set of users who fulfill criteria.

Multilingual software

Visitors often arrive at complexes, but not everyone has English as their first and strongest language. In such cases, it’s paramount that all reception management tools maintain a connection with visitors, with dialects of their choice.

Replace all paper-based visitor registrations with an automated visitor management system. Visitors can check-in quickly by entering their details from the premises. This will also enable employees to pre-register for their visitors. It provides you total control in verifying, screening, and badging visitors— whether for a single lobby or multiple entry points.

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