Touchless Visitor Management System for Restaurants

What is the new normal for restaurants amid the threat of coronavirus? How will restaurants be redesigned to ensure hygiene and social distancing in the post-COVID world?

Restaurateurs who are looking at a new model of contactless system to remove non-essential human interaction.As for restaurants, restaurant receptionists often need to deal with numbers of visitors. Many restaurants don’t use any check-in system for their guests. To protect the staff and visitors of the restaurants, there is a need for a touchless visitor management system to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. The touchless visitor management system helps to manage the security of your premises.


Benefits of Contactless Visitor management system for restaurants

During the COVID-19 global pandemic a Vizitor can also function as a visitor screening and contact tracing tool.Contact-tracing technology is one that helps authorities track the virus and warn staff with consistent alerts. Here are some ways to protect the workplaces with this tool.

Visitor screening

With the screening feature, You can screen the visitors before their entry on the restaurants.

This app uses visitor initial screening with digital questionnaires asking their health.If anybody is affected by any virus then this app will alert you and your team.


Contactless visitor check-in

Contactless check-ins are the best practice to prevent the spread of infection in the restaurants.

Guests use their smartphones for themselves check-ins.

Visitors can check-ins using QR code.

Automatic Alerts

The contact-tracing system helps to track the infected person and warn staff with alerts.

The contact tracing app notifies the employee if they have been in contact with an infected visitor.


Schedule orders

Vizitor provides a consistent and branded experience to your customers by providing them with an option to schedule orders online from the comfort of their homes.

With a visitor management system, you no longer need to wait for food. Just download the vizitor on the device and let it take care of your arrival and get your table booked in advance based on the screening.

Contact tracing is a safe way to keep the correct record

This app facilities records the data in a safe and hygienic way to capture the information of your guests

The contact tracing system provides both team and guests with check-in and check-out by adding their information, capturing a photo with the user-friendly interface.


Let’s see how it works

Vizitor provides a safe environment, securely managing the guest arrival and promotion of your restaurant via emails and customised messages.

It sends automatic notifications to the hosts with visitors’ full details and image.

It also stores all the visitor registrations in a secure administration portal that can be managed by the appointed employee.

Through this secure portal, you can retrieve or track data at any given date or time.

Vizitor lets the authorized guest check- in, also provides printed badges to the guest which adds to the authentication process and confirms that the visitor has completed the sign in process.

Every restaurant in order to add a modern and clutter-free space to their reception must implement a visitor management system such as Vizitor. Vizitor clearly identifies the visitor type and his/her credentials to provide a safe environment or premise.

From signing-in your guests through an impressively warm welcome to submission of feedback, there is no aspect of the visitor management system that has been left uncovered in this application.

It’s user friendly interface enables visitors to oversee and control every single operation whether he/she is tech-friendly or not.

Upgrade your check-in process now and switch to Vizitor!

With a smart visitor management system, you can have an attractive welcome screen, add your brand logo, customized badges, with top security. The ultimate one-stop solution. For efficient management of visitors, try Vizitor!