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Visitor management system for Restaurants

In a season full of festivals what’s a better way to start with, than having a full-fledged meal with your loved ones at your favourite restaurant. Being a restaurant owner you also need to stay in touch with your favourite customers by sending them manual promotional messages individually, but with vizitor you can do it all with just an ease of touch. Every time you think of going out for having food , long waiting hours coupled with extra consumption of time makes you withdraw your thought! However, with a visitor management software such as Vizitor, you no longer need to wait for your food when you are hungry in order have a meal at the restaurant of your choice. Just download the Vizitor on the device installed at your restaurant’s reception and let it take care of your arrival and get your table booked in advance.

Let’s see how it works

Vizitor provides a safe environment, securely managing the guest arrival and promotion of your restaurant via emails and customised messages. It sends automatic notifications to the hosts with visitors’ full details and image. It also stores all the visitor registrations in a secure administration portal that can be managed by the appointed employee. Through this secure portal, you can retrieve or track data at any given date or time. Vizitor lets the authorized guest check- in, also provides printed badges to the guest which adds to the authentication process and confirms that the visitor has completed the sign in process. Every restaurant in order to add a modern and clutter-free space to their reception must implement a visitor management system such as Vizitor. Vizitor clearly identifies the visitor type and his/her credentials to provide a safe environment or premise. From signing-in your guests through an impressive warm welcome to submission of feedbacks, there is no aspect of visitor management system that has been left uncovered in this application. It’s user friendly interface enables visitors to oversee and control every single operation whether he/she is tech-friendly or not.

Upgrade your check-in process now and switch to Vizitor!

Equipped with smart features, Vizitor has a customizable dashboard which can be used through touch screens and keypad. Features such as instant notifications, feedback submission, future interaction by sending promotional sms's makes it a highly preferred choice for restaurants to be adopted as a visitor management system.

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